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We’re a fast-growing technology education startup by Penn and Carnegie Mellon grads with over $300k in contracts.

Our goal is to immerse every student in hands-on technology skills for the Future of Work and eliminate as much of the STEM/CS equity gap as possible.

You’ll be joining inventXYZ at an exciting time where we’re growing our K12 sales team, fundraising, and building our next phase of product.

A few highlights

The University of Pennsylvania awarded us their 2020
We’re helping design and staff Operation Breakthrough’s Ignition Lab (makerspace for low-income urban high schoolers) in Kansas City sponsored by Travis Kelce (NFL football player)

Why does inventXYZ exist?

AI, Virtual Reality, Web Development, Electronics, and Rapid Prototyping are revolutionizing all fields, even language arts, history, business filmmaking, sports, and agriculture.
There will be 1.8M new STEM/CS jobs in the next decade distributed across all industries.
75% of kids attend a school that has a CS elective.
Yet only 4% of kids take the class. Less than 2% of girls, black, and hispanic students enroll.
Most school districts don't have industry experts on staff, so they struggle to piece together a 21st century curriculum relatable to most students and relevant to the real Future of Work.

So what do we do?

Instead of just 50-100 kids taking a CS elective, our inventcurriculum immerses every student grades 7-12 in AI, Virtual Reality, Web Development, Electronics, and Rapid Prototyping through innovative real-world projects in every class they already take.
E.g. History: Recreate ancient civilizations in VR; English: Write a blog article using data visualizations as evidence; Algebra: Build and code an electronic music instrument; Physics: Analyze sports technique using motion capture.
We also help schools optimize their innovation labs / makerspaces to best leverage these technologies and real-world projects.

There are 3 specific reasons inventXYZ is for you

The mission and vision really resonates with you
You crave real responsibility (not be a speck of boring dust at a tech giant)
You want to be surrounded by exceptional people who love making and explaining things

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