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Five Data Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Charts and Graphs
Working with numbers isn’t usually considered sexy, but you can change that by learning more about data storytelling. These tips can help you to create beautiful and educational designs. Show off your newfound skills with Visme: --- In this video, Mike Ploger will dive into five helpful data storytelling tips that show you how to create better and more persuasive data visualizations. You’ll also find out how our brains process visuals and how you can use these principles to improve your charts and graphs. A few of these data storytelling tips include: - Our eyes don't follow a specific order, so you need to create that order. - Our eyes first focus on what stands out, so be intentional with your focal point. - Our eyes can only handle a few things at once, so don't overcrowd your design. And a few more. Watch the video to find out even more about data storytelling! Then get started putting your story into your own designs. Create an infographic or a presentation that shows off everything you learned in this video: To learn even more about data storytelling tips and techniques, visit our blog: Sources:

Book: Good Charts
- create mini charts that can be embedded anywhere

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