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NEW Humane Standards

Our Intelligence Standards - ⌘2nd Set Plus

Topics of Diversity
The Topics of Fair-Play Curation are the Standards which express the Intelligence of an Ecosystem.
⌘2 Set _ Fair-Play Curation - Diversity Topics.png
📖 Theorems

The above Topics may be expressed in the following manner:
Conscience is the Potential Reaction of Hearing. It is a State of Intuition concerning the Curation of Indefinite Capacity (Character).
Observation is the Kinetic Reaction of Touch. It is a State of Tensions concerning the Curation of Intense Magnitudes (meta-Intelligence).
Balance is the Radiant Reaction of Taste. It is a State of Behaviors concerning the Curation of Dense Coverages (Care).
Position is the Thermal Reaction of Vision. It is a State of Relations concerning the Curation of Resistant Formations (Community).
Adaptability is the Chemical Reaction of Smell. It is a State of Emotions concerning the Curation of Conductive Conversions (Families).
🙏🧮Polynomial Equations 📌
Humane Curation Axiom:
Hybrid-Reality Curation (Topics) = Conscience through Indefinite Capacity + Observation through Intense Magnitudes + Balance through Dense Coverages + Position through Resistant Formations + Adaptability through Conductive Conversions
Humane Curation Theorems:
Indefinite Capacity (Conscience) = Conscience + Hearing + Potential Reaction + Intuition
Intense Magnitudes (Observation) = Observation + Touch + Kinetic Reaction + Tensions
Dense Coverages (Balance) = Balance + Taste + Radiant Reaction + Behaviors
Resistant Formations (Position) = Position + Vision + Thermal Reaction + Relations
Conductive Conversions (Adaptability) = Adaptability + Smell + Chemical Reaction + Emotions
📕📐Practical Notes 📌
Humane Curation uncovers the Limitless Intelligence of Ecosystemic Synagonism.
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