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NEW Humane Standards

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Being Human, Matters!
The Humane Standards are based on the Morphological Functionality of the human body, and propose a list of Indices for Sensible Management, Curation, Interaction, Harmonization and Optimization of Processes.
As a System of Self-Governance and a Language, the Humane Standards can be adopted by numerous disciplines and their respective operational models .
Despite what is wrongly believed to be a Technological Achievement for most of us, our Biological Gear surpasses the power of any form of machine intelligence. Nevertheless, the Systems we already have in our disposition, such as our computers and smart devices, are becoming wonderful instruments on the provision of the best possible Services of Care. In which case, the Humane Standards propose a Human-Readable Programming Language, that can be used as a “Rosetta Stone” for the Translation of our Pedagogy, Codes, Design, Rituals, Products, and Services. An important technology for better communication. This is a system capable to get used as a Blueprint for the Architecture of Hybrid-Reality Ecosystems (Interfaces), and besides that, this is a Quantum-Computing compliant language, as it is also a Future-proof Format for A.I. Ethics.
This Playbook is a complex little thing. Still, what is being introduced within it - is a fairly simple, and highly human-intuitive technology capable to scale across the world, and become a Translating Mechanism for all Ecosystems of Knowledge.
There is a Secret technique underlying this work, and this is that it Strategically introduces nothing new other than a Common Ground which we all Share with each other. Other than that, the Composition of the Humane Standards is a product of what I call as “Linguistics Restoration”. By that, I mean the Composition and Orchestration of the most Appropriate Words for the Design of a Map of the Human Nature.
The Humane Standards are technologically-agnostic, and therefore not dependent on any form of platform other than our biological organism and its character. In that way, and under Sensible Orchestration, they has the potential to get introduced, practiced, and replicated as a Format for Self-Sovereign Peace, Order and Good Governance in a very short time and across the majority of humanity. That being said, the Humane Standards also offer a Model for the Sensible Cultivation and Compassionate Evolution of our Technologies and Systems of Governance - whether new or old.
👋 The Capabilities which are Inherited to all people by Design, constitute the fundamental Principles of our Ethical and therefore Humane Standards.

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