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NEW Humane Standards

Our Character Standards - ⌘1st Set Plus

Levels of Freedom
The Ingredients of Fair-Play Management are the Standards which express the Character of an Ecosystem.
⌘1 Set _ Fair-Play Management - Freedom Levels.png
📖 Theorems

The above Ingredients may be expressed in the following manner:
The principle of Selfhood is the Capacitance of Potential Action. Selfhood stands as a Measure of Indefinite Probabilities (meta-Character).
The principle of Childhood is the Charge of Kinetic Action. Childhood stands as a Measure of Intense Correlation (Intelligence).
The principle of Parenthood is the Current of Radiant Action. Parenthood stands as a Measure of Dense Curvature (Care).
The principle of Siblinghood is the Resistivity of Thermal Action. Siblinghood stands as a Measure of Resistant Clustering (Community).
The principle of Spousehood is the Power of Chemical Action. Spousehood stands as a Measure of Conductive Causality (Family).
🙏🧮Polynomial Equations 📌
Humane Management Axiom:
Hybrid-Reality Management (Ingredients) = ( Selfhood through Infinity + Childhood through Intensity + Parenthood through Density + Siblinghood through Resistance + Spousehood through Conductivity ) ( - ) ( Non-Selfhood through Non-Infinity + Non-Childhood through Non-Intensity + Non-Parenthood through Non-Density + Non-Siblinghood through Non-Resistance + Non-Spousehood through Non-Conductivity )
Humane Management Theorems:
Infinity (Selfhood) = Selfhood + Capacitance + Potential Action + Probability
Intensity (Childhood) = Childhood + Charge + Kinetic Action + Correlation
Density (Parenthood) = Parenthood + Current + Radiant Action + Curvature
Resistance (Siblinghood) = Siblinghood + Resistivity + Thermal Action + Clustering
Conductivity (Spousehood) = Spousehood + Power + Chemical Action + Causality
Non-Infinity (Non-Selfhood) = Non-Selfhood + Non-Capacitance + Non-Potential Action + Non-Probability
Non-Intensity (Non-Childhood) = Non-Childhood + Non-Charge + Non-Kinetic Action + Non-Correlation
Non-Density (Non-Parenthood) = Non-Parenthood + Non-Current + Non-Radiant Action + Non-Curvature
Non-Resistance (Non-Siblinghood) = Non-Siblinghood + Non-Resistivity + Non-Thermal Action + Non-Clustering
Non-Conductivity (Non-Spousehood) = Non-Spousehood + Non-Power + Non-Chemical Action + Non-Causality
📕📐Practical Notes 📌
The Limits of Humane Management uncover the Limitless Character of Ecosystemic Synagonism.
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