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NEW Humane Standards

Our Care Standards- ⌘3rd Set Plus

Recipes of Inclusion
The Recipes of Fair-Play Interaction are the Standards which express the quality of Care of an Ecosystem.
⌘3 Set _ Fair-Play Interaction - Inclusion Recipes.png
📖 Theorems

The above Recipes may be expressed in the following manner:
Detachment is the Purpose of Ethical Conduct. Principled Detachment establishes the Capacity known as Courage (Character).
Truth is the Honesty of Ethical Effort. Principled Truth establishes the Magnitude known as Receptiveness (Intelligence).
Imagination is the Generosity of Ethical Resolve. Principled Imagination establishes the Coverage known as Altruism (meta-Care).
Fallacy is the Inclusion of Ethical View. Principled Fallacy establishes the Formation known as Truthfulness (Community).
Memory is the Love of Ethical Livelihood. Principled Memory establishes the Convertibility known as Wisdom (Family).
🙏🧮Polynomial Equations 📌
Humane Interaction Axiom:
Hybrid-Reality Interaction (Recipes) = ( Detachment through Capacity + Truth through Magnitude + Imagination through Coverage + Fallacy through Formation + Memory through Convertibility ) ( - ) ( Non-Detachment through Non-Capacity + Non-Truth through Non-Magnitude + Non-Imagination through Non-Coverage + Non-Fallacy through Non-Formation + Non-Memory through Non-Convertibility )
Humane Interaction Theorems:
Capacity (Detachment) = Detachment + Purpose + Ethical Conduct + Courage
Magnitude (Truth) = Truth + Honesty + Ethical Effort + Receptiveness
Coverage (Imagination) = Imagination + Generosity + Ethical Resolve + Altruism
Formation (Fallacy) = Fallacy + Inclusion + Ethical View + Truthfulness
Convertibility (Memory) = Memory + Love + Ethical Livelihood + Wisdom
Non-Capacity (Non-Detachment) = Non-Detachment + Non-Purpose + Non-Ethical Conduct + Non-Courage
Non-Magnitude (Non-Truth) = Non-Truth + Non-Honesty + Non-Ethical Effort + Non-Receptiveness
Non-Coverage (Non-Imagination) = Non-Imagination + Non-Generosity + Non-Ethical Resolve + Non-Altruism
Non-Formation (Non-Fallacy) = Non-Fallacy + Non-Inclusion + Non-Ethical View + Non-Truthfulness
Non-Convertibility (Non-Memory) = Non-Memory + Non-Love + Non-Ethical Livelihood + Non-Wisdom
📕📐Practical Notes 📌
A clarification concerning the Fallacy through Formation might be found useful here. Fallacies are behavioral tendencies which Form our Interactions. When treated through a Healthy and Devoted Intend for Self-Autonomy, we Empower Inclusion, Ethical Views, and Truthfulness in our Ecosystems.
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