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NEW Humane Standards

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Getting Better Together.
Being that Self, who is of One Source, brings Omni-personal Peace, Omni-personal Order, and Omni-personal Governance. Through Iterative Self-Reflection by the Practice of Dialogues, Syllogisms, Meditation, and Mediation, these qualities become an established Nature of oneself. With Persistent Practice, one acquires Personal Experience on the Fact that the Self is One and the same with the Intelligence of the Resources and Source of Origination of Everything.
After all, Self-Reflection is not a Method but our own Nature, which is Self-Reflective and the Only way to Be that Source of Intelligence which is this Cosmos. Being That Human is the only Cause worth pursuing in life. A Cause which stops being a memory of the Past, or a dream about a Future, and becomes a Matter of Sensible Presence.
The one who establishes strong foundations, and faith on the self-described and self-predicted Truth that everything codependently originates from One Source, experiences a personal state of Existence beyond the limitations of Time and Space.
⭐ It is our Selves, our Mind, and our Families (Close, or distant ones) that manage to enable any possible prospects for human life on this planet. These are the 3 Foundational Pillars of the Humane Standards which help us Empower and Support them in our Course towards Coexistence.

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