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NEW Humane Standards

Our Community Standards - ⌘4th Set Plus

Journals of Fitness
The Journals of Fair-Play Harmonization are the Standards which establish Ecosystemic Communities.
⌘4 Set _ Fair-Play Harmonization - Fitness Journals.png
📖 Theorems

The above Journals may be expressed in the following manner:
Self-Reflection Genesis is the Upward reflex of Input Feedback. Principled Self-Reflection - through Synagonism Ingredients Empowerment - defines Economic Liberty (Character).
Sentience Practice is the Forward reflex of Indexing Evaluation. Principled Sentience - through Synagonism Topics Support - defines Ecophysiological Equality (Intelligence).
Self-Autonomy Mimesis is the Leftward reflex of Output Feedback. Principled Self-Autonomy - through Synagonism Recipes Composition - defines Ecological Solidarity (Care).
Simplicity Growth is the Rightward reflex of Modeling Classification. Principled Simplicity - through Synagonism Journals Documentation - defines Ecospheric Peace (meta-Community).
Symmetry Investigation is the Backward reflex of Compatibility Testing. Principled Symmetry - through Synagonism Challenges Adaptation - defines Ecotypic Order (Family).
Variety Inheritance is the Downward reflex of Memory Allocation. Principled Variety - through Synagonism Rituals Coexistence - defines Ecosystemic Governance (Estate).
🙏🧮Polynomial Equations 📌
Humane Harmonization Axiom:
Hybrid-Reality Synagonism (Journals) = Self-Reflection Genesis through Economic Liberty + Sentient Practice through Ecophysiological Equality + Self-Autonomy Mimesis through Ecological Solidarity + Simplicity Growth through Ecospheric Peace + Symmetry Investigation through Ecotypic Order + Variety Inheritance through Ecosystemic Governance
Humane Harmonization Theorems:
Economic Liberty = Self-Reflection Genesis + Upward Movement + Input Feedback + Ingredients Empowerment
Ecophysiological Equality = Sentience Practice + Forward Movement + Indexing Evaluation + Topics Support
Ecological Solidarity = Self-Autonomy Mimesis + Leftward Movement + Output Feedback + Recipes Composition
Ecospheric Peace = Simplicity Growth + Rightward Movement + Modeling Classification + Journals Documentation
Ecotypic Order = Symmetry Investigation + Backward Movement + Compatibility Testing + Challenges Adaptation
Ecosystemic Governance = Variety Inheritance + Downward Movement + Memory Allocation + Rituals Coexistence
📕📐Practical Notes 📌
The 4th Set of the Humane Standards is the only one which has a 6-fold nature. It denotes the necessary addition of a 6th State representing the Environment of the whole Ecosystem, and it is based on the 6 Freedoms of Movement in Space - a Fundamental Practical Reality on which we all have to conform for Autonomy.
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