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NEW Humane Standards

Our Family Standards - ⌘5th Set Plus

Challenges of Party
The Challenges of Fair-Play Operation are the Standards which express the Family of an Ecosystem.
⌘5 Set _ Fair-Play Operation -  Party Challenges.png
📖 Theorems

The above Challenges may be expressed in the following manner:
Character is the Experience of Stasis (Opposition). Its Nature is the Management of Synagonistic Pedagogy.
Intelligence is the Attentiveness of Thesis (Position). Its Nature is the Curation of Synagonistic Research.
Care is the Intention of Synthesis (Composition). Its Nature is the Interaction of Synagonistic Deployment.
Community is the Simulation of Hypothesis (Supposition). Its Nature is the Harmonization of Synagonistic Design.
Family is the Stimulation of Systasis (Exposition). Its Nature is the Operation of Synagonistic Science.
🙏🧮Polynomial Equations 📌
Humane Operation Axiom:
Hybrid-Reality Operation (Challenges) = Character through Management + Intelligence through Curation + Care through Interaction + Community through Harmonization + Family through Operation
Humane Operation Theorems:
Management (Character) = Character + Experience + Stasis + Pedagogy
Curation (Intelligence) = Intelligence + Attentiveness + Thesis + Research
Interaction (Care) = Care + Intention + Synthesis + Deployment
Harmonization (Community) = Community + Simulation + Hypothesis + Design
Operation (Family) = Family + Stimulation + Systasis + Science
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