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NEW Humane Standards

Humane Synagonism Format (HSF)

Self-Sovereign Economic Liberty.
No matter our ethnicity, social status, ideologies, beliefs, or any other characteristics we may have, we are All part of One Family.
This is not merely a fact surrounding our Identity, but a Critical Biological Function concerning the way that Humans Operate Globally.
Many believe that material resources, or that political powers govern this world. The truth is that Earth’s longest form of Governance is that which is called a Family.
💡 Humane Synagonism makes us Capable to Enable, Harness, and Sustain Humane Standards; a qualitative approach on Being Human.
The Humane Synagonism Format (Non-Antagonism, Collaboration) is a Scientifically well-grounded Model for Self-Sovereign Management which empowers and sustains Ethics through Fair-Play Governance.
The Humane Synagonism Format (Organizational Model):
Agency 1: Humane Management
Agency 2: Humane Curation
Agency 3: Humane Interaction
Agency 4: Humane Harmonization
Agency 5: Humane Operation
Viable System Model
The HSF is a Variation of Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model (VSM), and a Scientifically-grounded Model for Operational Management.
The Viable System Model (VSM) is a model of the organizational structure of any Viable and Autonomous System. A Viable System is any system organized in such a way as to meet the demands of surviving in the changing environment.
One of the prime features of systems that survive is that they are adaptable. The VSM expresses a model for Synagonism, which is a description that is applicable to any organization that is a viable system and capable of autonomy.
A viable self-autonomous system is composed by five interacting Modules which may be mapped onto aspects of organizational structure. In broad terms Systems 1–3 are concerned with the ‘here and now’ of the organization’s operations, System 4 is concerned with the ‘there and then’ — strategical responses to the effects of external, environmental and future demands on the organization. System 5 is concerned with balancing the ‘here and now’ and the ‘there and then’ to give policy directives which maintain the organization as a viable entity.
The Viable System Model is a discovery of Stafford Beer (1926–2002), a British theorist, consultant and professor who analyzed natural systems of organization in great depth. He is best known for his work in the fields of Operational Research and Management Cybernetics (Science of Governance).
📕📐Practical Notes 📌
Through Optimization of our interrelations (Family), and Multilateralism (Community Harmonization), the Humane Standards sustain Pedagogic Interfaces for Hybrid-Reality Synagonism.
Service is the provision of a discrete function within an environment, and in Synagonism it is highly related to the total functionality of the Organism. In that manner, the Design of each and every living being is a Multilateral Contribution towards the whole Ecosystem. That service is otherwise called Biocompatibility.
It is by Design that we are capable to sustain Multilateral Synagonism, and not because of policies that we invent out of principle. Our Design, which is a Bio-certified matter of Practicality defines a discrete method for Coexistence.
⭐ Humane Synagonism is our Genetic Inheritance. Its course is the Collective Fulfillment of a Primordial Promise imprinted in our DNA. This is the Promise that we, the People, but also all other sentient beings make to our Surrounding Environment. A Promise to Grow and Be Biocompatible with it for the shake of Optimum Presence. In more simple words, no biological organism can even Exist without offering Suitable Assistance to its Environment.
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