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NEW Humane Standards

The Humane Standards

Universal Set of Hybrid-Reality Ethics.
The Humane Standards offer a complete ontological framework, as the Exegesis of the Standard meta-infrastructure of all possible alternate variations of theories of everything. In simple words, all Human Knowledge follows a Pattern which is approached as the infrastructure that allows it to branch - like the Substratum which germinates a seed and allows it to branch and become its Self.
The Human Character
Although, there are indefinite ways to construct systems of knowledge, the human body offers a finite canon for the measurement of all systems of Intelligence. Since antiquity, this Rule has become the Canonical Ruler for analysis of inner and outer Fitness. In the same manner the Humane Standards follow this most archaic, and at the same time future-proof principle.
When a System of Knowledge is designed to be Finite and Universal - and while at the same time is based on the Finite Universality of our human characteristics - it can be used as a True theory of existence and can be expressed by the use of any proper language. That actually is the technique which was mastered by great philosophers and prophets of all times, since it carries a practical and prophetic nature (predictive logic, since humans will always be humans).
All philosophies and prophecies analyze a Common Source of Intelligence and its Branching - that is the experience of the Self and its transcendental nature. Unfortunately there will always be issues in our recorded systems of knowledge, because of language barriers. Therefore, all Recorded Literature becomes a victim to Mistranslation, especially when the Author is not the one who did the Documentation. That practically means, we are to study with great respect, but also open mindedness our Literature, which is our inheritance; a collection of wealth derived from the human complexity, which is something we commonly share.
The Humane Standards aim to help us study in depth and acquire Clarity over the Essence of our inherited Traditions.
A Universal Canon
We are to acknowledge that Ethical Effort is the essence of our Humane Power. A State of Enlightened Clarity surrounding the principle of All-inclusiveness is to be understood as our Standard Nature. While we Continuously Adapt to the Times and make Human Mistakes - we are to understand that all Authors are Humans like ourselves - and forgive them for the limitations of Language. You see Words are a human technology which evolves as we Collectively Mature.
While Languages and Minds seem to Indefinitely differ, The Source of all Knowledge is always Common (Finitely Universal) and it ends within the Limits of the Self.
Our Measures which attempt to define those limits and Describe our Cosmos are Not the Magnitude of the Source of our Power, but rather the Limits that we put to ourselves, and so, they are to be used Sensibly. Our Idea and Memory of the way that we approach life is based tremendously on the Ideas of others, and as such, to Technological Limitations we’ve faced in the past.
Surrounding our everyday need for Security, we are all Responsible to find our own Truth through Humane Sensibility, which is a Liberated State of Presence, Capable to Resolve all kinds of Problems.
Our issues usually arise because there can be Indefinite True and Absolute theories (Observations), but only One Commonly Intuitive Consensus of Reality (Present Self-Integration), which is a Reality of Symbiotic Presence beyond words.
The solution to this issue, is to Resolve the problem through Practical Self-Reflection, which leads to Sensible Presence and an Intuitive kind of Reasoning, which defines our Humane Standards. That is to say, we shall leverage our Common Truth for the Coexistence of all theories and all minds. We are to Be that Tree of Knowledge, and allow its Growth and Fruition within this Ecosystem - Right Here, and Right Now.
📕📐Practical Notes 📌

Although the Humane Standards organize the Phenomena we Experience in Distinct Categories, it is Critically Important to not get Attached to the Terms and to the Forms they have taken so far through our own Experience.
When we generate Social Value, we are to be careful with our tendency to get Attached to Sounds, Smells, Tastes, Tangible Objects, or Rituals and their Terminology.
A Human Gives because it is always Possible to find a way to Provide Suitable Assistance to the Environment, and this happens when we do not Dwell in the Standards as Actual Marks of what is possible to be given.
When we Do Not Dwell in Marks, our Provision and Virtues become Immeasurable. In a Humane Synagonism we Practice and Investigate our Rituals and Laws through Self-Reflection, which seems like a form of Measurement - but then it isn’t. All Measures are Empty Marks, and become Meaningless when they do not Lead to Kind Behaviors. Words, are after-all merely Indices of Phenomena – not the Actual Phenomena themselves – and the Best Approach on Being Human is Always the Kind one.
When approached as a canonical model, the Humane Standards are not an invention, but the Re-discovery of a Bio-certified system capable to Mimic our Human Nature (Human-Centered Biomimetic Design). This is a Common Language on which we all are - more or less - Natively Fluent.
This work has a non-doctrinal nature, as all intellectual systems of knowledge are limited to expressing Simulations of the Truth, and not Actuality which is to be a Self-Sovereign Reality. The language and skillful means of the Humane Standards mature with its Author, and so, this version is the result of lots, and lots of other variations which have been tested and got refined through the span of 7 years for better adaptation.
Although the Humane Standards reflect on One Source of Governance, they are Open Source and All-inclusive. Hence, it is up to each individual to Compose their own Personal Translation of their Humane Standards, through the Ingredients, Topics, Recipes, Challenges, Journals and Rituals of their everyday lives.
Just remember to keep a Link to our Roots, and consider giving a proper Reference to the Humane Standards when you use them for business purposes, since we are all in this Together.
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