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Blivande Open Finance

This document describes the current finances and the current plan for the years ahead. We want to share this so that we can better understand each other when we talk about what Blivande can and cannot afford.
Remember that the . Unexpected things will happen and this plan will most likely change. For example, we might apply for new project grants like the or get new clients like the Valla project. Nevertheless, we need a plan to have a common understanding of why we make our choices.
To make it simpler to get an overview we only look at how things may change between quarters. Each row refers to the income and expenses per month in that quarter. For example, on the row
@Q4 2022
in , those numbers refer to salary costs per month in October, November, and December of 2022.
Note that we use accounting annotation, so when a number is in parenthesis, like “kr (300)”, that means that the number is an expense.
All numbers are in Swedish kr (SEK).
explains shortly what Blivande is and the idea behind why we are transparent with our finances.
is where we input the basics, like our , monthly income, rent, and our .
is where we input how we expect our different membership categories to grow.
shows salaries, including social fees and employer taxes.
shows income from projects, averaged out over quarters. In reality, income from some projects comes in chunks at certain dates, often up to 6 months apart.
summarises incomes and expenses per month and a total net per month.
is a super-basic prediction of how much money we might have in the bank at a given time during that period. Note that this calculation is so basic that it there is a large margin for error. Even though the predicted liquidity is 100,000 for a certain quarter, that might possibly mean that we will fall below zero at some point during that period. We predict when that might happen so that we can take steps to prevent it. Up to now Blivande has never had to take out a loan or credit, except for the initial loan of 300,000 SEK from co-founder Hampus.
is where we keep track of changes we make to the document, as well who made them and when.

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