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Coda Creator Program

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Creative brief

Coda has always been best described by the makers who use it. Thank you for partnering with us, we can’t wait to see what you create!

What’s Coda?

Coda brings the best of docs, spreadsheets, and applications all into one surface.
You start with a blank page and a blinking cursor, and use Coda’s building blocks to create whatever kind of doc you need.
Or you can copy the docs that , , and a long list of innovators have published, and use them for yourself.

What can you do in Coda?


You can do just about everything in Coda, like tracking projects, fostering decision-making, and automate entire workflows.
It feels familiar like a doc, so you can jump in and:
Make custom dashboards to plan your content.
Track and visualize your data.
Track your , sponsorships, and more with help from templates in the Gallery.
Integrate with your favorite tools through , like and .
Build your own custom building blocks with beta.

By the way, we’re always shipping !

Creator program

The goal of this program is for creators like you to share the power and flexibility of Coda with thoughtful, educational content. We’re here to help ensure your video is a success!

🔭 Primary focus
Share your favorite Coda’s features and how they help you optimize your productivity at work
Take your audience behind the scenes and share your insights to being more happy and productive.
This should educate your audience and give them something fun to try — whether it’s a building block, your doc, or a doc.
🔑 Pro tips
Interpret this brief in a way that feels in line with your creative style.
Wherever it might make sense, describe how Coda would help teams collaborate better.
To increase engagement, publish your Coda doc and share it with your viewers. Here’s

Talking points

If you’re already a Coda user, think about how you describe Coda to your friends. And if you’re new to Coda, try it out! We’ve created plenty of resources in the to get you started. In your video, you can share:
What surprises you about Coda?
How does it feel to use it?
What about Coda makes you smile?
What problems would it be perfect for solving?

Looking for specific talking points?
The blurbs below cover the important details your audience should understand about Coda. All of this, of course, should be filtered through your own creative style.
All your valuable data, plans, notes, and media live in one place and they’re all connected.
Coda offers templates that work ‘out of the box’, and it’s fully customizable so you can build or modify your own.
With Coda, you can manage your team or business with simple building blocks.
Helps any team collaborate more efficiently.
Coda has got thousands of to use.
Whether it’s Pinterest, Figma, Superhuman — you can read their docs, duplicate them, and use them!

🎙️Here’s a
from a recent podcast mention for inspiration.

Mood board

Our brand personality is friendly, encouraging, clear, and sharp. Below are some examples of how Coda shows up in the wild. 🌱

We’re here to help!

We want to make sure you’re set up to succeed, both with Coda and this partnership. Here’s how we can help:
Check out our custom list of curated docs and templates to make it easy to get started in our .
If you’d like help building your own doc, whether it’s for work or YouTube, just let us know
. One of our team members will reach out to help!
In addition to the paid sponsorship, you will also get access to join our . This means you’ll also get $10 in credit per signup and 20% of annual revenue of all signups you drive. 💸


Please share the concept for your video before shooting the content (a quick paragraph or your idea/narrative).
Your deliverables include 1x YouTube video, between 5-15 minutes long.
The Coda mention should be ~2 minutes long, in the first 3 minutes of the video.
Please end the video with the CTA and repeat it at least twice.
Your custom URL should be in the YouTube description and on screen.
Coda will have the ability to promote your content on social + digital for 1 month.
Coda must be tagged in all content (description and tags).
Must hashtag #coda.
The following caption must be in the first two lines of the description and in a pinned comment:
Try out Coda for free to supercharge your productivity at[INFLUENCER].
In accordance with the FTC, content must call out as an ad in your YouTube description.
Create fun, one-of-a-kind content that captures your audience’s attention.
Ensure the content is authentic and reflects you!
Try Coda before shooting the video.
Share content with the team for approval before uploading.
Adhere to Coda’s
Do not collaborate with our direct competitors within 1 weeks before and after your post is live.
Competitors include: AirTable, Notion,, Google Docs, Google Sheets, ClickUp, Quip, Confluence/JIRA.
No use of explicit or negative language, references to illegal drugs or sexual language, or any other inappropriate behavior.
Do not include content with other sponsored brands in the same video.
Do not remove/hide sponsored content from platforms after the program has concluded, as we value the longevity of social content and appreciate each influencer’s participation.
Perks 🍦
3 months of free access to Coda Pro.
Access to our to get paid for every viewer that signs up.
Support from our team to help you build your perfect doc.
Exclusive Coda swag. 👕
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Media Kit

Please use these resources to talk about Coda in accordance with our brand guidelines.
Product Name: Please refer to Coda as “Coda,” instead of our URL, “Coda dot IO
Coda’s one-liner: Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together.
Logos: Feel free to use our logo in your videos.
To download, right click the image and click Save Image As... 👉
Coda_Symbol-Tomato_Soup@4x (1).png


1 Coda access + filming
Free Pro plan available upon contract signing.
2 Content sign-off
Submit your video to the team 3 business days before uploading.
3 Video is live!
Upload the approved video to your YouTube channel.


We love questions. Please contact us at:
Caroline Hindman (Activate)
Harshita Yerramreddy (Coda)

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