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The MindFi App

MindFi App - Your personal Self-care Assistant

The MindFi App provides you access to a growing library of video classes (delivered by psychologists and experts), short exercises, wellbeing check-in and counsellor booking.
There are 3 sections on your MindFi App:
, and Care Team


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Breath: There are 3 different types of deep breathing exercises, guided with animations and phone vibrations to help you relax.
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Mood: Select your current mood and MindFi will recommend suitable audio guided exercises for you.
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Focus: Reduce screen time and distractions as you improve focus and productivity with the focus timer.
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Courses: Deep dive into topics like self-care, mind mastery, leadership, meditation and sleep with our audio guided programmes.
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Watch: Our psychologists and counsellors deliver LIVE classes up to 3 times a week. Join live and ask questions or watch the recorded videos at your own time.
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Practice: Build healthy habits with over 200 short audio-guided exercises aimed at improving various aspects of your wellbeing.
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Assess: Check-in on your wellbeing with science-based surveys. Know your wellbeing score and how you progress over time.
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Care Team

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Feeling down or depressed? Do not suffer in silence. Book confidential 1-on-1 counselling sessions with our network of certified psychologists and counsellors. Remember, you matter.
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