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Client X's Mastermind Challenge

Client X’s Mastermind Challenge is a fun-filled wellness journey to foster “fit minds”, and a happier, healthier you. Form groups of five with your work friends, clock points and win attractive prizes!

Prizes to be won

Attractive prizes will be given to the top 3 teams and individuals.
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6 ways to clock points and win

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How to join the Mastermind Challenge?

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Frequently Asked Questions
When you are done selecting your team, the Challenge tab will show the main screen, with 3 tabs: Us, Feed and Teams. 1. Under the “Us” tab, you can see the scores of your teammates and can send them a boost to encourage them to use the app. 2. Under the “Feed” tab, you can see milestones or interactions by other team members. 3. Under the “Teams” tab, you can view and scroll through 10 other teams in your company with the closest scores, to see where your team stands.
What better way to remind your teammates to do a session, than through a boost? Click on the rocket icon at the side to give your teammates a thoughtful reminder to complete a mindfulness session. They will receive an encouraging in-app notification to spur them on their daily mindfulness journey.
1. Tap on ‘Challenge’ tab. 2. Look for ‘Refer a Friend. Get 200 points’, and tap on the “Share the love” button. 3. You will see your unique code, tap on ‘Share invite link’ button below the code to share with your work friends! Do remember to share the group code with your friend too! After your work friend download, install and sign up for the account with the group code, both of you will get 200 points!

Mindfulness Fun Facts

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