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Customer Targeting
Personas for T-Shirt Campaigns2 daughtersProud fathermaster baiterplane crazycycologistwet my plantsthe legend has retiredI'm not old I'm a classic t-shirtI'm about to snapsolving problems engineersmeet me at the barI'm an engineer to save time let's just assume that I'm never wrongweapons of mass percussion bandeverybody was kung fu fightingI still play with blocksrepeat after me yes coachlevel 40 completedproud motherI don't snore I dream I'm a motorcyclekicked grassprofessional grandpaI fix stupidfunny boatdiaper dutyattorney voicegaming 21st birthdaydads with beards are betterI still play with trainsthe man the myth the legend grandpagay or just mesermonatorI'm the captainI have 3 daughtersman to surfertractortable tennis masterlevel 30 completeking of the rvhandstandfunny hikingHawaii is callingpop pop man myth legendI hate sandofficial teenager 13th birthdayI like big bucksGamer 18th birthdayfunny guitarbring grandpa a beerfunny tennisI like pig buttsdj turntableI dream of a world where chickens can cross the roadlove the smell of sawdusthistory buffsave the chubby unicornseverything I say will be on the exambirthday blow meshut up hippie Ronald Reaganplant daddyvintage American flagpickleballfunny rock climbingbass guitar player heartbeattuba playerfunny horseshooray sportsbears will kill yougreatest uncle everthat's what she saidunion jack flag shirt1984 was a warning not an instruction manualdrummer like to bangmy cancer fighting t shirtpower toolsthe moose is loosefunny bbqsaxy and I know it shirtsquirrel is my spirit animalsurvived the wooden spoonbest dog dadfour daughtersfunny jiu-jitsuNorway flag t-shirtblackbeard piratefunny soccerwriter's blockbest cat dad everpops the man the myth the legendAmerican flag t-shirtfunny baseball t-shirtcaptain's rulesscience greater than opinionthis is not a drill hammerI like coffeepappy the man the myth the legendfunny day tradingchief t-shirtwhere my hose atUkraine Flag T-Shirt

Personas for T-Shirt Campaigns

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