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Customer Targeting
Personas for T-Shirt Campaigns
2 daughters
Proud father
master baiter
plane crazy
wet my plants
the legend has retired
I'm not old I'm a classic t-shirt
I'm about to snap
solving problems engineers
meet me at the bar
I'm an engineer to save time let's just assume that I'm never wrong
weapons of mass percussion band
everybody was kung fu fighting
I still play with blocks
repeat after me yes coach
level 40 completed
proud mother
I don't snore I dream I'm a motorcycle
kicked grass
professional grandpa
I fix stupid
funny boat
diaper duty
attorney voice
gaming 21st birthday
dads with beards are better
I still play with trains
the man the myth the legend grandpa
gay or just me
I'm the captain
I have 3 daughters
man to surfer
table tennis master
level 30 complete
king of the rv
funny hiking
Hawaii is calling
pop pop man myth legend
I hate sand
official teenager 13th birthday
I like big bucks
Gamer 18th birthday
funny guitar
bring grandpa a beer
funny tennis
I like pig butts
dj turntable
I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road
love the smell of sawdust
history buff
save the chubby unicorns
everything I say will be on the exam
birthday blow me
shut up hippie Ronald Reagan
plant daddy
vintage American flag
funny rock climbing
bass guitar player heartbeat
tuba player
funny horses
hooray sports
bears will kill you
greatest uncle ever
that's what she said
union jack flag shirt
1984 was a warning not an instruction manual
drummer like to bang
my cancer fighting t shirt
power tools
the moose is loose
funny bbq
saxy and I know it shirt
squirrel is my spirit animal
survived the wooden spoon
best dog dad
four daughters
funny jiu-jitsu
Norway flag t-shirt
blackbeard pirate
funny soccer
writer's block
best cat dad ever
pops the man the myth the legend
American flag t-shirt
funny baseball t-shirt
captain's rules
science greater than opinion
this is not a drill hammer
I like coffee
pappy the man the myth the legend
funny day trading
chief t-shirt
where my hose at
Ukraine Flag T-Shirt

Personas for T-Shirt Campaigns

Add segments/audiences to target for each shirt.

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