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Data Ethics Diagnostics

Navigate the ongoing journey towards a deeply embedded data ethics culture by identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses.
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Systemic Data Ethics Navigator
supports the more technical aspects of data ethics by providing a high level view of the context. The
highlights aspects of operations and culture that impact data ethics - positively and negatively. The insight it provides informs retrospectives, improves 1-to-1’s and supports the step-by-step cultivation of systemic data ethics capabilities across an organization.
It take about five minutes to complete, so to get started, just go ahead:

A prototype tool
This is a prototype of a new tool built with
. Coda is an amazing platform that allows for rapid interactive product prototyping, and we cannot recommend it enough. As a prototype however, some of the interface elements are fairly raw, but we've made them as usable as possible. .

The Offline Navigator

The offline version of the Navigator quickly introduces the process.
Just get the team to vote on the aspects they feel are strongest and weakest, and then discuss.


Using The

is designed to be used as part of an ongoing process to improve the data ethics capabilities of an organization. It aggregates information on subjective, individual experience of data ethics to diagnose areas where intervention is most valuable. All the metrics are relative, providing visibility into a constantly changing environment that must always incorporate new ideas, new technologies, new data and new people.


The Navigator gathers a set of key metrics and tracks their change over time. The methodology provides a data-set that maps a broad range of factors related to systemic performance. and can be submitted at any time.


The Navigator highlights aspects of the environment that impact ethics capabilities. It to focus retrospectives and reviews. This guidance keeps teams aware of the big picture and helps to prevent blind spots.


The Navigator’s diagnostics identify focused training opportunities. The journey towards data ethics maturity is long, and without guidance, training can yield low rewards. The
increases the impact of any intervention by providing a clear target, and a means to measure resulting change.


The process of developing a team is never complete. Every change will reveal more changes. Keep measuring, keep learning, keep taking action.
Ready now?

Systemic Data Ethics Navigator
is the first aspect of a practical data ethics framework and methodology.

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