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Product Features & Blitzscale Categories

Take a hard look at your business model.
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Growth factors and limiters

For successful blitzscaling, competitive advantage comes from growth factors—like market size, distribution, high gross margin, and network effects—built into the business model and product roadmap. By triggering a feedback loop, these growth factors allow companies to dominate the market and tap into the first-scaler advantage. But our business model should also be built to anticipate the challenges of growth limiters, such as lack of product/market fit and operational scalability.
So when we are talking about product features concepts we should place them in one of the five buckets:
Metrics Movers: These are the features that are designed to move a key business metric, typically growth, engagement or revenue.
Customer Requests: These are features requested by customers. They rarely move metrics, but are critical towards building a long term relationship with your customers based on listening and responding.
Delight: These are features that aren't requested by customers, but when they see them, they are surprised by them and inspired by them. They include also those coveted by us, beautifully crafted UX & UI, automations and/or new approaches. They are critical towards building a strong emotional attachment with our customers.
Technical 10X: These are the features that are playing for our solution defendability and competition difference strategy. If we are able to archive 10 times better results then our competition, we're playing the right game.
Core Features: Sometimes forgotten by product growth oriented people or idolized too much by engineers, those are the features that make the product work at its basics. While they are "must" they do not make a great product or company, there is just too many products nowadays to be differentiated just by them.

And then assign them (if possible) to correct categories that are building our best possible outcome for business model and will trigger our product roadmap timeline setup. Those categories try to maximize four key growth factors and minimize two key growth limiters.
We add those if applicable as categories for our Product Features Planning:
Growth Factors & Limiters
Growth Factor
Are we going after a billion dollar market?
Leverage existing networks and virality
The higher the gross margin, the more valuable each dollar is to the company.
Effects that help build long-term competitive advantage.
Growth Limiter
Your product doesn't generate frequent, intense usage.
Human and infrastructure limitations

Part 1: What Is Blitzscaling?
Blitzscaling: the framework and techniques that allow companies to achieve massive scale at incredible speed.
Three key techniques of Blitzscaling:
Business model innovation
Strategy innovation
Management innovation
Part 2: Business Model Innovation
"Design an innovative business model that can truly grow."
Four key business model growth factors:
market size
high gross margins
network effects
Two key business growth limiters
lack of product/market fit
operational scalability
Proven business model patterns
bits rather than atoms
free or freemium
digital goods
Principles of business model innovation
Moore's law
adaption, not optimization
Contrarian principle
Part 3: Strategy Innovation
"Strategy innovation supports its own ecosystem of rapid growth in the face of risk and uncertainty."
When should you blitzscale?
a substantial & new opportunity
use your first-scaler advantage
learning curve
threat of competition
When should you stop blitzscaling?
Declining rate of growth (relative to the market and competition)
Worsening unit economics
Decreasing per-employee productivity
Increasing management overhead
Part 4: Management Innovation
"One of the key features that sets global giants apart from those companies that flame out or implode before they can reach market dominance is an ability to evolve and optimize their management practices at each stage of growth."
8 key transitions
small teams to large teams
generalists to specialists
contributors to managers to executives
dialogue to broadcasting
inspiration to data
single focus to multithreading
pirate to navy
scaling yourself - founder to leader
9 counterintuitive rules of blitzscaling
embrace choas
hire Ms. Right Now, and not Ms. Right
tolerate "bad" management
launch a product that embarrasses you
let fires burn
do things that don't scale
ignore your customers
raise too much money
evolve your culture

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