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Product discovery is the process of identifying and validating a product idea or opportunity that meets the needs of the target market and aligns with the overall business strategy.
Product discovery is a critical stage in the product development process where a product manager or a product team conducts research and experimentation to explore potential product ideas or opportunities. The main goal of product discovery is to identify a product that solves a real problem for a specific group of customers and aligns with the company's overall business goals and strategy.
During the product discovery process, the product manager and the team may use various techniques and methods such as customer interviews, user surveys, market analysis, competitive research, and prototyping. These activities are aimed at gathering insights about the market, the target customers, their needs and pain points, and the existing solutions or alternatives available.
Based on these insights, the product manager and the team can evaluate the potential of the product idea or opportunity and make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the development, pivot the idea, or discard it altogether. Product discovery is an iterative process that involves continuous learning and feedback from the market and the customers, which helps refine the product concept and ensure its success in the market.
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