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About the Products Kit

This is a Products Kit can be used by product teams as a tool, template and guidelines for their products.

What is it?

This is a Products Kit can be used by product teams as a tool, template and guidelines for their products. (
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For whom?

This kit can be used by different stakeholders building products (Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Designers, UX Researches, Architects, Engineers, Quality Assurance, Scrum Masters... and many more).

Why is it useful?

We believe the kit is useful for many reasons, here are some reasons why it could be interesting for your team to sue:
Single Tool: The Products Kits replaces many tools and serve as a single tool for different stakeholders building products.
Collaboration: the Kit is built on Coda, which supports real-time collaboration between team members at the same time, with different permission levels, while maintaining the version history.
Customization: Coda templates can be customized according to your needs, with many sophisticated and advanced customizations if needed to cover many usecases.
AI - Artificial Intelligence: in this template you can use AI to help you in your product discovery and automate tasks. (ex. check AI Block in )
Integrations: Coda has many packs to enable the integration with your existing enterprise applications (ex. Jira, Asana, Confluence, Miro, OpenAI, Google Drive, Google Calendar... and many many more without extra cost, check )
A Starting Point: The Kit is filled with a sample product details, to help you with a real life example for better explanation on how to use it.
Guidelines: we tried to provide guidelines for many of the topics mentioned in the kit to give an explanation of how things can be done.
Cost: It is suitable for small teams with limited budgets as it can cost as low as $10 per month for a single Doc Creator account, which can serve the whole team with unlimited number of collaborators.

How to use it?

Feel free to
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and refill it and also customize it according to your needs.

Have suggestions?

We hope this Kit will be useful to you, and please share your feedback with us to add/update any section in the kit by filling this simple form .
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