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February Feature Release

ResNet is an Operations Surveillance & Asset Management Platform specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform towards common corporate objectives.

Campaign Management

We're pumped 🦍 to announce the launch of ResNet's new Campaign Management feature! Understand collections of Issues organized by Operational Initiative in one place. See real-time visual progress bars and understand immediately - Are We Winning? Here's a look at what you can expect with this release:
Core Features:
- Campaign Builder: Create and manage Campaign objects to organize collections of Issues, categorized by specific Operational Initiatives.
- Campaign Objects: Collections and organizations of Issues by specific Operational Initiatives
- Campaign Sub-Features:
Integrated Issue Management.
“Dialogue Windows” into all Issues, or specific to the Campaign itself (solving many-to-one Operational Organizational problems)
Analytics for real-time progress monitoring.
Analytics Tools:
- Burnup Chart: View the performance of emergent or recurring Issues over time.
- Burndown Chart: Track the progress of planned and scheduled Issues, such as major turnarounds.
- Velocity Report: Measure the average work order efficiency trends through time.
Coming Soon...
- Cumulative Flow Diagram: Review Backlog buildup and Work Order Management Flows.
- Cycle Time Report: Analyze average cycle time statistics through time.
- Timeline View: View Gantt-chart of all planned and scheduled Issues.
- Gamification System Integration: run game modes like Safety Hazard Hunts or Inspection Domination and take both Safety Culture and Operations Execution to the #NextLevel
Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns, or simply just want to learn more about this feature

Other Quick Wins

Improved Issues screen filtering on WellTender mobile app.
e.g.) Filter to Issues that are In-Progress and are in the Workover Campaign.
Improved Attachments thumbnail previews on WellTender mobile app, and ResNet Platform
Improved Attachment Create, Update, Delete controls. No more accidentally uploading the wrong profile picture from your phone 🙃

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What We’re Focused on Next

Thanks to our users’ feedback in Artesia, NM - we have identified the opportunity to improve the mobile UX by enabling Light Mode. We Respect the Wrench and will always prioritize our user’s feedback!
Again, thanks to our users’ feedback in Houston, TX - we have begun R&D work on integrating ChatGPT into providing painkillers like: instantly summarizing lengthy Issues, to summarizing entire Dialogue Feeds, to even more technical & bespoke problems - like understanding route maintenance optimization opportunities.

Historical Feature Releases

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