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November Feature Release

ResNet is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform, while providing 'culture boosters' to properly align and incentivize the entire work force towards common corporate objectives.

Master Global Search

Google for ResNet. No need to remember where you’ve attached a file or what was said on an important issue thread. Find any asset, issue, post, file or document you need in an instant with the one search bar to rule them all. *Please note that this is a Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) of the Global Search: it will be improved upon in future release(s).

Custom Sub-Issue Types Builder

Need to build your own custom sub-issue form similar to popular tools like Smartsheet, Quickbase, or Salesforce? We got you. Introducing our new custom sub-issue type form fill builder. Now you don’t need to reach out to ResNet to build it for you, build it yourself to standardize your own issue management and field data collection processes. Don’t worry though, if you still want us to build it for you, we’ll always have you covered!
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