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June Feature Release

ResNet is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform, while providing 'culture boosters' to properly align and incentivize the entire work force towards common corporate objectives.
Here at ResNet we’ve been working on a lot of great new features for both our desktop and mobile users. For the month of June we primarily focused on the Dialogue Improvements, Campaigns, Asset Health Scoring, Dialogue Bots, as well as General UI/UX Polishing. Take a look below to see how to utilize these and get the most out of your Shalennial Experience.

Uniting the Field and Office one conversation at a time

You asked and we listened! We’ve refactored our dialogue engine and social interactions to make this process more streamlined. You will notice wide-screen posts now, maximizing the use of our pixel real estate. Tag users or assets, and with our new “dialogue windows” feature, connect conversations across the entire platform back to the center of your universe - your wells. These new dialogue flows create a way to organize conversations and improve knowledge management.
Post, Like and Comment just like you would on any other social type of platform. Communication is instant, creating transparency around assets and issues across the company. Attach documentation to chats or assets to keep all important information in one area that is accessible to everyone who needs it.

Campaigns MVP

Group and categorize your issues into over-arching initiatives, or Campaigns. Create mature initiatives managed at the team, department, or even business unit level. Get a jump on Winter Action Preventative Maintenance, Workovers, Artificial Lift Installs (ESP/Gas Lift/Rod Pump/etc), all the way to ESG initiatives (such as turning around a few hundred popoff valves...). All of these can be organized and applied into the Campaign (MVP) framework.

Asset Health Scoring MVP


Know the health of your assets! This feature combines Forecast vs Actual deviations, standardized Production Variance, as well as Downtime Accounting into (1) singular score to provide an all-inclusive view around the health of that asset. Equivalent weighting factors (~33%) are applied to each measure and standardized on a 0-100% health scale. Secret word: ResNet

Need an icebreaker?

Dialogue Bots get the conversations started. These AI-powered posts keep you up to date on all issues, status changes, and asset health scores. These can function as not only helpful notifications, but also conversation ice breakers to get discussions going related all issues and assets.....and this is only the beginning!

Coming Soon...

Offline Mode for our mobile app. Over the next month we are focused on improving the back-end stability and reliability of both desktop and mobile versions, as well as the app’s ability to work in low-to-no network connection areas.
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