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September Feature Release

Feature updates for September
ResNet is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform, while providing 'culture boosters' to improve alignment towards common corporate objectives.


Here at ResNet we believe in contributing to the great energy transition by empowering our users to perform at their optimum level. We’ve created a system that charts their personal performance and progress at their company, rewards and recognizes their accomplishments, empowers creativity in the field and gives users ownership of their projects. All of this while participating in daily challenges, collecting experience points (XP) and company wide competitions that drive toward cultural, corporate, and individual objectives.

Personal Stats

Instant feedback - View personal performance stats easily and in real-time. Games are incredibly effective at what they do because, in a game, you always know exactly how you are performing and if you are winning. WellTender provides a personal performance stats page that informs the user on exactly how they are executing on specific objectives and KPI’s.

Platform Achievements

Keep users engaged. As users progress on the platform they are rewarded for different defined activities. These rewards or achievements are based on a tier system that will scale in difficultly over time adding a little extra challenge to some of the usual routine operating duties. The user begins at tier one, as they continue performing more and more of the activity, they achieve a higher tier of accolade. For example: Log 3 Routes to achieve tier one, now Log 8 Routes to achieve tier 2.

Daily Challenges

Users will have the opportunity to complete a specific challenge every day. These challenges rotate on a daily basis, like moving through a Spotify playlist. Every challenge is built on typical activities that field users might need to complete and will segue seamlessly into other tasks on the platform. Daily challenges include: Close issues, Travel X miles (for data collection and future route optimization), Log Routes (again, for data collection and future route optimization), as well as new-age data collection initiatives, such as taking pictures, videos, etc. Our current Early Access Beta Partners will drive the evolution of some of these challenges so that they are long-term more impactful for data collection & field service optimization initiatives in the future.

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