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Feature updates for July and August
ResNet is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically designed for oil & gas operators. Our mission is to Unite Field & Office users in one singular platform, while providing 'culture boosters' to properly align and incentivize the entire work force towards common corporate objectives.
Here at ResNet we’ve been working on a lot of great new features for both our desktop and mobile users. We’ve been primarily focused on the Offline Mode, Integration Features, and the WellTender Mobile Features Menu. Take a look below to see how to utilize these and get the most out of your fully digitized workflows as you unite the field and the office.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is live! Log routes via the mobile anytime, anywhere. We’ve got you covered. Other Essentials feature capabilities include opening/logging into the app, and caching any Issues/Assets/Feeds accessed with network connectivity.
Additional offline mode features coming later this year include: Synchronization & Scheduling, Data Mutations (creating new records, adding documents, etc.), and an improved Field Dispatch Console UI/UX.

Integration Features - Microsoft Office Outlook

Have an important email that contains critical information about issues, an asset or insights? Now you can easily push e-mails to any entity (Issue, Asset, Insight, etc.) in WellTender using our Outlook Plug-In app. Any attachments included with the email can be easily uploaded as well. This should significantly help with communication and change management with promoting more seamless integrations with existing communication channels today.
The next integrations in our roadmap include: Microsoft Power Flow, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
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WellTender Mobile Features Menu

Need to access a feature quickly? Check out the WellTender Mobile Features Menu, as well as a Features Heads-Up Display (HUD) Menu on the Map, so that you can access any feature or flow within the app within 1-2 clicks (max). Think of the Features HUD Menu as a Waze-like menu, but for well tenders. Make visual and auditory inspections a breeze with the WellTender Camera, and ‘fat-mode-friendly’ Inspection Issue form-fills. Access critical well information or dialogue with team members through AssetSpaces and Issues. Log a route, find a well, or access field data collection form fills - all within 1-2 clicks of the screen.

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