Talent Review & People Development Kit for Leaders & HRBPs

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Talent Review & People Development Kit for Leaders & HRBPs

Identify and track your company’s high/low performers, talent gaps, and succession planning all in one place!

A couple fundamental truths I’ve observed as an HR Business Partner.

Everyone agrees discussing and assessing our talent is important.
Everyone dreads any sort of process to go about discussing and assessing our talent (i.e. insert [performance cycle process] here).
Everyone wants to be “proactive about talent” and “take meaningful actions” from our discussion, but it is rarely done in a cohesive way. We always feel behind.
“Great discussion, everyone. Let’s make sure we do something with these insights” - every leader ever after a talent discussion.

So, let’s do something about that.

The Before: You’re probably used to a mix of something that looks like this - performance ratings, succession planning, and actions captured in static boxes or different places

(source: online templates from Google)


The Future: Here’s a template if you want something interactive, easily digestible, and a living source of truth on your talent (see - You can get started after clicking ‘Copy doc’! )

Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 3.46.18 PM.png

How to use this doc .

The page has the main table where you can work from to assess your talent.
To learn about the insights that inform each column, head to
⛏️ The nuts & bolts before running this talent review 🔩
Set up your
Customize the that inform each column however you’d like
Then, head over to the page!
FYI: If you go into
, and you’ll see the main that has the complete view of all the example dimensions you may want to track for each employee, and you can add talent review cycles in the over time.

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