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Re-Design for Remote Learning Toolkit

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Recent COVID-19 changes are compelling educators & learning specialists to re-imagine their lecture-based courses as remote, online learning experiences. This interactive workbook has been designed to help you start 'going remote.'

Welcome to the

‘(Re-)Design for Remote Learning’ Toolkit

Version 2.0 // Last updated: 9 July 2020


This toolkit is designed to give instructors and educators a basic framework for converting existing high school and university courses into hybrid learning experiences—from uncovering
opportunities for more engaging, social learning activities to creating a
to help you update your syllabus and course materials.

Included in this toolkit are 5 steps for creating your design plan:

Looking to develop training from scratch for your business (or a less academic setting)?
👉 Check out the
or (for an even simpler approach)


The Backstory
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