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Re-Design for Remote Learning Toolkit
A 5-Step Approach

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#1 Understand Needs

It all starts with questions—asking good ones to uncover performance gaps

To make it easier, we’ve come up with some of the common types of questions you might want to ask whenever you have the opportunity to re-design a course.
Here’s how...
1. Review the primary Course Design or Redesign Goal you’ve decided to focus on. This will guide the needs analysis phase and keep us on track.
2. Use the questionnaire below to gather info. See instructions below for more ideas on how to use the recommended questions.
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✏️ Gather insights from others

1. Review our stated Course Redesign Goal from the page
2. Go through each of the questions on this page to get a clearer picture of which problem you think training will solve—which specific knowledge/skill/behavioral gaps need to be addressed.

Pro Tip: 3 different ways you can use the following Questionnaire:
1. Convert it into a sent to others in the department, or alumni
2. Use in a Focus Group of alumni as a facilitation tool
3. Use it as an interactive tool with alumni, the Instructor, or other department leads to capture & discuss ideas and insights

Ask Questions

Question 1
How might we know if the new (or redesigned) course was successful? What metrics might we be able to use to measure/track our results?
Question 2
To what extent is the current course preparing our Learners well? Walk me through the entire the course. What works? What hasn’t been working well?
Question 3
What would it take for Instructors & Facilitators to be successful in leading the new/redesigned course? What might they need to start doing, stop doing, or be able to continue to do?
Question 4
What are the current challenges/‘blockers’ that are preventing Learners from being successful?
Question 5
Are there any clear knowledge gaps, skill gaps, or behavioral gaps identified? If so, what are they?
Question 6
What are some of the ways we’ve been successful in mitigating/resolving some of the challenges we’ve encountered in this course?
Question 7
What other systems, processes, or structures (unrelated to training) might need to change or be improved in order to ensure the success of this new (version of this) course?
Question 8
Describe some of the Learners who’ve achieved the expected outcomes. What do they do differently, from your perspective, that helps them be successful in the course?
Question 9
Are there existing training, tools, or support resources we could leverage, update, or re-purpose?
Question 10
In order for the new/redesigned course to be successful, what are some other initiatives or efforts you’ll need to align with, and who else might you want to partner with? How much freedom to we have in the design (or re-design) to change things up a bit?
Question 1
How might we know if the new (or redesigned) course was successful? What metrics might we be able to use to measure/track our results?
Use initials before each of your responses like this:
SY: Here’s what I think about that...
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