Hiring List Template

Hiring List Template

A better way to help people on your team find new opportunities.
This doc makes it easy for you to help top talent find a home, especially when the unthinkable happens.
I created this doc as a way to pay it forward after benefiting from a that I came across when I was unexpectedly laid off in 2020. It’s been amazing to see how this template has helped many companies do the right thing and use it to help others land new opportunities, including employees from , , and .
For Companies
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A simple way to build and maintain a list of candidates with all necessary filterable attributes.
For Recruiters
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Slice and dice list based on most important attributes; create personalized views.
For Individuals
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Make sure your profile gets seen by the right recruiters; simple to add and update your profile.
| Opportunities:
| Unique companies:

Click ‘Submit candidate info’ below to add yourself to the list. To be able to update your info or status, you’ll need to sign up for a Coda account—don’t worry, it’s free! Scroll down to add yourself to the list (best viewed on a desktop).
Select discipline(s) to view:
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Analytics / Data Science
Jo Lee
New York
3/11/2022, 8:22 AM
Creative/Brand Design
Sam Ty
New York
San Francisco
3/11/2022, 8:51 AM

❓ FAQs
Can people add their names without signing up for Coda?
Yes, but they won’t be able to edit your info, or anything else in the doc. To add the option for people to use an external form to add their name without signing up, see and create a Form view of the ‘Candidates - View all alphabetically sorted’ table below, then share the external link to the Form with others. Once alumni fill out all the required fields, they can come back to this page to view their name.
No longer looking?
Once you’ve signed-in and can click on the ‘Update my info’ button next to your name, change your ‘Still looking?’ status to ‘No’, and see it in the list below. If the (’Delete inactive candidates w/in 24hrs of request’) has been enabled, all entries marked as such are automatically removed from the doc after 24 hrs.
No longer see your name on this list?
You’ll need to sign-in to edit this doc. Scroll down to check for your name in of candidates marked as ‘No longer looking’? and click the blue button to change your status if you need to.
Candidates marked as ‘No longer looking’
Sign in to Coda, then click ‘Update my info/status’ to make any changes to your status.
Update info/status
Role / Position
Last modified (auto)
No results from filter
Want to help by posting a job?
View the to add new opportunities and job posting links.
How do I remove myself from this list?
You’ll need to sign-in to edit this doc. Click the blue ‘Update info / status’ button and change ‘Still looking?’ to ‘No

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