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Dan Rhodes

Dan Rhodes: Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories (2000)
My girlfriend awoke to find herself possessed by an evil spirit. The first thing I did was call an exorcist. He couldn’t make it until the evening, so we waited. She threw things at me, cursed my name, kept trying to strangle me, and wouldn’t let me kiss her. Really she was the same as ever, but at least she was no longer hellbent on bankrupting me and making me look inadequate in front of everyone. I started to prefer her that way. When the exorcist finally arrived, I sent him away. I told him it had been a false alarm.
When we started seeing each other, Miracle told me it was no big deal, that we were just friends who happened to be spending some time as lovers. Eventually, though, we moved in together and started a family. Seven years and three beautiful children later, she suddenly announced that she was leaving, that she had found somebody new. Between sobs I told her I felt let down and betrayed.
“Oh, come on,” she snapped, rolling those lovely, limpid eyes and shaking her head in disbelief. “Don’t give me all that. Are you seriously trying to say I wasn’t straight with you?”

Elma’s translation:
Кога почнавме да излегуваме, Чудесна ми кажа дека врската не ни е сериозна, дека сме пријатели кои по некоја случајност се и пар. Но, на крај почнавме да живееме заедно и основавме семејство. После седум години и три прекрасни деца, од нигде никаде ми кажа дека ме напушта, си нашла друг. Липајќи ѝ кажав дека се чувстувам разочарано и изневерено. Одмавна со главата во неверување, ги преврти тие нејзини убави, бистри очи и отсечно ми одговори: „Ајде и ти сега, немој да си таков! Сериозно ми кажуваш дека не бев искрена со тебе?’’

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