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Travel reimbursement

How to book your tickets?

Please find a detailed here
Read it carefully, with special attention on the
Green travel and
Payment section
in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Maximum amount of travel reimbursement based on distance
Limit - Green travel
10-99 km
23 €
23 €
100-499 km
180 €
210 €
500-1999 km
275 €
320 €
2000-2999 km
360 €
410 €
There are no rows in this table
*Distance between your legal residency and the training venue.
About green travel:
In case you are using (see the travel reimbursement guide by what is considered green travel), upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a declaration about this. Please make sure to sign this document, otherwise we cannot consider reimbursing you with the green travel amounts.
VERY IMPORTANT that you KEEP ALL YOUR ORIGINAL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS (tickets, boarding passes, receipts, invoices) and make sure to upload them digitally to your Travel reimbursement folder on Google Drive. Your personal Travel reimbursement Drive Folder Link will be sent by e-mail.
From 2022 June, our travel reimbursement policy have changed, and we only ask for digital copies and scans.
Failing to follow the steps of our will result not receiving the travel reimbursement.

Travel reimbursement process steps

BEFORE you arrive to the venue
Search for possible tickets according to the information provided, and make sure to find the cheapest option possible.
Purchase your tickets.
Find your Travel reimbursement Google Folder sent by e-mail
… and fill out your travel reimbursement google sheet.
Upload all the digital tickets, receipts and boarding passes that you already have.
AT ARRIVAL, during registration
Make sure that by registration, you have uploaded everything in your personal folder on Drive. One of our colleagues will check it later on.
AFTER the activity, ON THE SAME DAY you arrive home
Make sure to upload all the rest of your travel documents to your folder.
We fill in the remaining parts of the travel reimbursement.
We will bank transfer the travel reimbursement to the bank account you provide in the travel reimbursement document.

Failing to follow these steps or not showing up during registration Egyesek has the right not to pay the travel reimbursement.

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