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To-do list

Read this confirmation letter and carefully.
Register on the site and send your PRN number (if not yet sent in the application form).
Book your tickets to Budapest and back home (keeping in mind the departure times).
Fill in the and give us your practical information by 10th April!
Join a prep-call on 22nd April at 5-6 pm in CET (Budapest time), link:
Fill out our impact measurement survey (3 mins):
Prepare everything you need for the camp and enjoy travel.
Go to your travel reimbursement folder and fill out your travel reimbursement form.
Upload all your travel documents digitally there.
Keep the original copies, if you have printed tickets and make sure to scan them according to the travel reimbursement guide.
After the volunteering, upload the rest of your tickets in case you have any from the way back.

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