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Accommodation and food

🌆 Esztergályhorváti

The camp will take place right next to the „small Balaton” with an amazing landscape. Balaton is close to enjoying the lake, and Hévíz and Zalaegerszeg are the nearest cities with options for gastronomy and cultural programs. Although be prepared Esztergályoshorváti is a very tiny village with 414 residents.
The second weekend you will be free to explore the nearby cities or Budapest, which is a vibrant and fascinating metropolis where there's always something going on, so your leisure time in Hungary is going to be well spent.


Volunteers will live in the community centre of the village around 300m far from Alpakaland. There will be space inside the centre for half of the group (around 6 volunteers) and the other half (6 volunteers) will sleep in big tents (see below) on foldable camping beds (2-4 people in one tent). MigAid will provide tents and camping beds, and can provide some sleeping bags, but it’s better if you can bring your own sleeping bags.
There is one big bathroom in the community center and probably the water block will be ready in the Alpakaland as well before the camp, but that one is still under construction. You may have a chance to support the finalisation of it.
Camp leaders and volunteers will self-organise the breakfast and dinner, food will be provided. We will order lunch from the next village for each day. In the community center there is a well-equipped kitchen.
In Esztergályhorváti the small local shop is currently closed due to renovation. They may get ready by the time of the camp, but this is highly questionable. The nearest shop is 3km far in the next village. The host can give the minibus for the team to arrange shopping (hopefully some participant have a driving licence and can drive the minibus), otherwise they will bring you to the nearest city once a week to arrange shopping needs.
📶 The location has free Wi-Fi, and technical equipment are provided.
🔌 Electricity plug is Type C. ➡️
👗 Laundry is available at the venue.



Lunch will be provided in Alpakaland. Breakfast and dinner is self-organized, but covered by the project cost. Please indicate your special diet in the . We will take care of your needs if we are informed ahead.
Tip: If your diet is special/extreme, we suggest you bring some food with you to complement the provided food. In this case you can avoid possible glitches or shortages for unexpected dietary needs.

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