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We have broken our full roadmap into digestible, achievable and short-term Maps. Each Map will contain a set of events alongside a ballpark timeline and budget that we’ll allocate for that Map.
Why are we making Maps
Most projects have overly ambitious roadmaps that they fail to execute on. The purpose for a Map is that we can commit to following a short amount of objectives in a given time that is currently achievable given our financial and social situation.
Dynamic and evolving roadmaps are better than static ones. With Maps, we can keep coming up with new initiatives and events. Instead of mapping out a predefined roadmap for the next 4 years, we want to keep coming up with new initiatives for the next 4 years. We feel that this way we will be able to achieve much more as we’ll have the freedom to innovate on the go
Taking in community feedback is also possible with Maps as we will collaborate with Dystopians to release our initiatives
Every Map will represent the opinions of a Faction. To illustrate, if the Kartan Klan wins a Faction War, we will lean towards more environmental charities such as TeamSeas as it aligns with the Kartan Klan origin story. Same goes for the conditions of the Faction War. The leading faction has a say in how to go about the Faction Wars, and Maps will allow us to take in their inputs to the best of our abilities

Here is a few common parameters that we’re going to follow in our maps:
Project Giveback - this is a donation, partnership or sponsorship for any charitable cause.
Community Reward - this is a way to legally reward Dystopians and Faction Leaders (eg. community wallet)
Dystopia ft. Artists - this is a derivative, mini collection, 1-1 piece or any other sorts of artistic collaboration with artists to evolve Dystopia
The Real World - this is a small step that we want to take to move towards the future of NFTs i.e. the real world.

As of now, we have released TWO of our Maps. The Map Uno is going to start with the initial mint. The Map Dos is still subject to reiterations and improvements by us and the community.

List of all maps:
We also a Trello, a task management system, that we’re going to be utilizing in order to track all the progress of our events (and other small actions).
We take inspiration from RobotosNFT with the maps as they too have a similar system of sharing a Figma file to keep the community updated on their latest initiatives. We also take inspiration from TurtlesNFT with the way they’re managing their community and continuously working on developing new reward systems for holders.

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