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Things we want to do

This is a working document of all the things the Dystopia Team and Community want to work on. We are going to set up a for our project to vote on these initiatives. The ones that get an approval rate of more than 80% will then be reviewed by the Leader Faction. If the Leader Faction and the Dystopia Team both like the proposition, we will put it in this list.
NOTE: As of now, all the items in here are unapproved by the community since the mint is not completed. Once, we launch our collection all of these points will be presented to the community for a vote.

Collab 1-1 with ETH and SOL Collections!
Custom Jewelry (partnership w NixirDesign) → NixirDesign said yes
Rings + Rings w chains
Custom Dystopian engravings and design
Micro tag to verify ownership (partner not finalized yet. 4 current prospect companies)
Gated Discord (only for Dystopia Holders or Leaders)
Launch with a Launchpad
Buy billboard ads
Mini Products
Engrave your Dystopian (custom tattoo)
Dystopian Picks → Weekly Newsletter with community picked projects

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