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Dystopia is a universe based in Solana. The 6 factions are the major communities in Dystopia. Each faction will have 450 Members. There will be 6 factions in total.
These 6 factions fight one another to rule Dystopia for absolute power.

History Lesson: The Rogues were the old rulers of Dystopia. They were overthrown by the Technocrats who are the current rulers of Dystopia. The Technocrats took the help of the Arcadians to bring them down, but betrayed them at the end moment. Technocrats have now been ruling Dystopia for over 50 years, and things have changed quite a lot.
The Factions
Technocrats → Technocrats are the current leaders of Dystopia. 50 years ago, the Technocrats were able to form a successful rebellion to overthrow and demolish the former rulers. Today, the new generation is posed with threat from every single faction in Dystopia.
Arcadians → Arcadians are the strongest at Dystopia. Sharp, fearful warriors born to win combat battles and survive in the worst conditions possible. Arcadians believe in honesty and courage, and are the most likely faction to overthrow their former allies: the Technocrats.
Rogues: The Rogues were the Arcadians who did not help the Technocrats come in power. They are the most dedicated faction looking to take down the Technocrats, but they cannot do so until they can find the "Balo" who can lead them to war. The Balo will be one of the most important players to help take down the Technocrats, hence the search still continues.
The Cartel: The Cartel is another psychotic clan in Dystopia. They pose to have great wealth, but are instead in major debt from financial institutes throughout the globe. Their main aim is to take down the Shinchozi Clan so they can finally revert to their once golden stage of autocratic rule over the clans of Dystopia.
Shinchozi Clan: The Shinchozi Clan doesn't give a single shit about ruling Dystopia. The expendables who are part of this insane cult are focused on taking down the Cartel who are currently in possession of 8 SOL (now worth $13B USD). TLDR; The Shinchozi clan members are ruthless psychopaths looking to make money by any means necessary.
Kartan Klan: The Kartan Klan comes from a long line of trauma. They were once oppressed, tortured and tested on by the Old Rulers of Dystopia. After going through series of chemical experiments to test out hazard levels for weapons, the members of the KartanKlan faced permanent biological damage. After the Old Rule, the KartanKlan escaped with the help of the Technocrats. Now they peacefully exist in their "villages", but are always prepared for another genocide.

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