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Video Breakdown

Title: [60 Words or less]
Explain the video in one sentence
.srt file for each video
First 12 Seconds
Explain what they will about to see
Be engaging
Why should people care?
How does the video benefit them?
Take note of specific elements in the video
First 10 seconds clearly what the video is about

Current Benchmarks 4.3.21

Important Metrics:
90 Day Range
Impressions CTR (Click through rate)
7% and above Green
6.99-4.0% Yellow
3.99% and Below Red

Average View Percentage (AVP)

50% and above Green
49-30% Yellow
29% and below Red

Average View Duration (AVD)

3.5 minutes and Above Green
3:49-2:50 Yellow
Below 2:49 Red

Watch Time

Above 100 Hours Green
99-45 Hours Yellow
44 hours and Below

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