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ID Your Audience

Task 1: List your viewer persona’s demographics: age or generation, gender, income range, education, geographical location, and relationship status.
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What Does My Audience Care About?



18-26, Middle Class. Single. Tried investing. All over the place with hobbies.
In tech. Love SAAS products and news about tech. Reads Morning Brew or the Hustle. Might have purchased software on AppSumo. No Coder.
Trying to figure out how to start a business with no trends and technology.
Best Clients: 40s-50s- Has a business either consulting or eCommerce.
Already has income from a loyal audience, trying to learn to automate and work smarter with their business.

Psychographics Beliefs and Values

Wants to have work life balance. Wants to help their family and clear path for projections of what's next.
Lifestyle choices: focused on peace of mind and time for hobbies (the job is part of the same hobby or similar).
Fears- trying to find more customers
Vulnerabilities: Needing help with the right tech or automation

Online Behavior

Reads a lot of newsletters, on sub reddit about FinTech and Cryto and on Twitter, watches tons of youtube videos and listens to podcasts on emerging tech and trends.

Offline Behavior

Very little. Some journaling and watches Netflix.



Best Clients: 28-41. Married or in a relationship. Has a degree. Focused on helping others. Already has had a lot of real-world experience. Creating their own personal brand and looking to do it themselves or a small team. Already been in the corporate world. Location: East of the US (Mid Atlantic area or West coast, Seattle area).


Lifestyle choices: Pursuing excellence and helping people.
Fears: Trying to find the right audience fit and building the right tribe.
Values: Wants to help good people
Vulnerabilities: Needing help how to grow a personal brand

Online Behavior

In Facebook groups, watching Youtube videos and taking courses. Investing in courses and group coaching

Offline Behavior

Journaling, exercising or caring for others.


People are looking for examples of how people made money
How they can make money from a specific examples
What successful businesses are doing
Breakdown of something popular in the news
How to save time with tech (very specific)
Batching Tasks
Examples to try:
Mr.Beast's tech stack to run their business
Buying three different fiverr freelancers to do X
Look at Alpha Gaming Comparison thumbnails
Rene Richey's thumbnails
Before and After numbers or stats in the thumbnail
Beginner videos
Where to start video- stream platform and picking the right no code tool

Current 4.2.21- Looking for another stream of income. Want to leverage technology but not sure where to start. Have a skill but need help.
Finding the right no-code platform, learning how to build specific projects
Messaging to general audience about business and automation > leads to group coaching > teach them about no code concepts.
No code innovators not relevant to our core audience.
Task 2: List your viewer persona’s psychographics: motivators, values, attitudes, lifestyle, fears, and goals.
Fear wasting time and not knowing what to do.
Goals- making money based on your ideas or skills.
Lack of getting leads.
Not tracking analytics and not sure what actions to take.
Task 3: List your viewer persona’s online behavior: types of media consumed, content consumed for personal interest versus for entertainment, and channels they subscribe to.
Constantly reading The Hustle, Trends and GaryVee content but not taking action at the same rate. Buying templates and AppSumo tools
Task 4: List your viewer persona’s offline behavior: buying behavior, habits, hobbies, and where they spend their time offline.
Watches documentaries and podcasts. Watches GaryVee.
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