Youtube Formula Notes


Who (the Audience)
Where- Traffic Sources (i.e. Searching on Google)
What- Watch Time, Click Through Rate (CTR), Average view duration (AVD), Average View Percentage (AVP)
When- Real time, Date Range, When audience is on Youtube

Youtube Cheatsheet

Chapter 10 Tasks

Task 1:

Write out your goal, mission and target audience
My Goal:
Brand with Group Coaching (50 Students) and Courses, 10K subscribers
How-to, Educational
To teach ones how to use emerging tech
Creating services and tech to scale your personal brand- Micro SAAS, SWAS
Makers and Creators

Micro-Moments to Help Your Audience [4 Types of Content to Make]

Task 2:

Real-Time Analytics of top-performing videos that are
at least 6 months
old that are still bringing
in the most traffic in the 48 hours. Top 25 Videos

Task 3:

Plan, create, and upload a video about the same topic as one of those on the list you made.

Plan- VS Videos, Beginner Step by Step Tutorials, Streaming

30 Day Checkin- 4.3.21- Several brand offers for sponsorships, 1 UStream Affiliate

Chapter 11 Identify Your Audience
What Does Your Brand (Channel) Stand For?
What Does My Audience Care About?

Example of Scalable Valuable Content

Persona Breakdown

Chapter 11

Task 1:
List your viewer persona’s demographics: age or generation, gender, income range, education, geographical location, and relationship status.
Task 2:
List your viewer persona’s psychographics: motivators, values, attitudes, lifestyle, fears, and goals.
Task 3:
List your viewer persona’s online behavior: types of media consumed, content consumed for personal interest versus for entertainment, and channels they subscribe to.
Task 4:
List your viewer persona’s offline behavior: buying behavior, habits, hobbies, and where they spend their time offline.

Chapter 12

Recon and Research

Task 1:
Research at least 10 successful creators in your niche.
Similar Creator Research [Template]

Task 2:
Take note of what they have in common. Watch their most successful videos and take note of video creation and editing patterns.

Task 3:
See if and how they engage with their communities, both in the video comments and on the Community tab. Read the comments on their most popular videos.

Chapter 13 Content is King

13.1 Story Arc- Make a lasting Impact

Hook- Engagement
Reengagement- Positioning (why they should care)
Set-up- Position [getting ready for joke]
Climax- Pay off
Goosh- Easter Egg or Staple
Wrap-up- CTA

Task 1:
Go back to the Chapter 12 Task 1-3. Analyze each of their highest rated videos with the Story Arc Model.
Story Arc Model: Hook, Reengagement, Setup, Reengagement, Climax, Goosh, Wrap Up
Story Arc Review of Content
Task 2: Create your next video using the story arc.

Chapter 14

Who (the Audience)
Where- Traffic Source
What- Watch Time, CTR, Average view duration (AVD), Average View Percentage (AVP)
When- Real time, Date Range, When audience is on Youtube

Action Exercise

Task 1: Look for meet-ups- Created Online Youtube Mastermind
Task 2: Create your own mastermind
Task 3: Look at the video for the last 90 days.
Task 4: Validate your viewer's persona

Chapter 15

Task 1:
Using what you learned in this chapter, brainstorm ten new title ideas
for your next video. Narrow it down to three possible titles. Make sure your titles are easy to remember and simple to explain and share.

Task 2:
Brainstorm 3-4 possible thumbnail ideas for each title. Use YouTube and
Google images to come up with ideas to make the ideas stronger. Pick a
thumbnail strategy and sketch it out (don’t worry about being an artist).

Task 3:
Get human feedback on these ideas from your mastermind group.



Thumbnail- CTR
2-5 Variations- Tubebuddy
Think of the Grocery store with different types of boxes.
Build Loops:
Description: Link to playlist in first two lines of description
Pinned first comment to more similar content
Closed Captioning-
Meta tags
Engagement: Answering Comments and Community Tab

Additional Notes:
Chapter 4 Part 2

Algorithms with an “S”

The surface features viewers see are:
Browse Features: Homepage and Subscriptions

Chapter 6 Make Money Partnering with Youtube
Join the Partner Program- 1K Subscribers + 4K Hours of Watch Time in One Year
Channel Memberships, Youtube Premium
Live Stream, Super Chat and Super Stickers

Chapter 7 Use Your Influence to Generate Big Money
Brand Deals
Influencer Marketing
Micro Saas

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