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11-The Scrum Framework Quiz

The Scrum Framework

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Understand the basics of working agile
Question 1
You are a new Scrum Master in your company, and Rick, a line manager, asks you to have lunch. Over lunch, he asks you to help him ensure that the six Scrum Teams that work for him are all doing Scrum the same way. He wants to ensure that they are all following the rules and wants your help creating a Scrum playbook.
How would you respond to Rick’s request?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Agree with Rick that the Scrum rules should be followed and that a Scrum playbook is a good idea to ensure that all the Scrum Teams are working in a consistent and standard way.
Agree with Rick that the Scrum rules should be followed but explain that different Scrum Teams may do things differently, and that’s ok.
Discuss with Rick that if he has six Scrum Teams, he needs to implement one of the scaled Scrum approaches as those are required when many teams work together.
Ask Rick a few questions to understand why he is focused on all teams working in a consistent and standard way.
Question 2
You are working with Rick again, and he has six Scrum Teams. Unfortunately, his budget is a bit tight this year, so he informs you, the resident Scrum expert, that he will hire two new Scrum Masters to handle the six teams (three each).
How do you respond?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Explain to Rick that Scrum requires a Scrum Master be dedicated to each Scrum Team. He should hire six Scrum Masters to ensure that the Scrum rules are followed.
Advise Rick that Scrum Masters can also be Developers, so he should hire two Scrum Masters and then select four Developers, one per team, to fill the Scrum Master role in each of the other Scrum Teams.
Discuss with Rick that two new Scrum Masters to the company, while acceptable per the Scrum Guide, may not be advised as they will be new and serving many teams. It could impact the Scrum Teams effectiveness.
Suggest that Rick speak with all six teams and explain the budget limitations and the need for Scrum Masters to see what input they have on how to solve the problem.
Question 3
Yangling is a key stakeholder of your Scrum Team, and she pulls you aside just before the Sprint Review. She explains that her boss and a key customer will attend the Sprint Review, and she asks if you will be demonstrating the new shopping cart feature. When you explain that the team isn’t done with it yet, she urges you to show it anyway so that the company doesn’t look bad to a key customer.
What should you do?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Explain to Yangling that you can only show done work at a Sprint Review, and since the work isn’t done, it wouldn’t be discussed.
Bring Yangling’s request and the information about the new attendees to the Product Owner so that they can help find a solution.
Work with Mark, the lead developer, to show the new shopping cart on his laptop at the Sprint Review as he’s been working on it and can best demonstrate it.
Call Yangling’s boss and explain that outside participants are not allowed at a Sprint Review.
Question 4
The Scrum Team is currently in Sprint 13, and this Sprint has a Sprint Goal to add Spanish translations to their product. Midway through the Sprint, the team realizes that they have forgotten about an area of the product that needs translating. Unfortunately, there may not be enough time to get the translations back from the vendor. What do you do?
Abandon the Sprint Goal as it's unattainable and worry about the Spanish translations in Sprint 14. The product Owner should’ve known about this gap.
Add the new items to the Sprint Backlog and do their best while keeping the Sprint Goal in mind.
Ask the Product Owner to modify the Sprint Goal to only include translations in some parts and not the entire product.
Ask the other web development team to handle the second group of translations so that this team can meet their Sprint Goal.
Question 5
After reading an article on the values of Scrum, you decide to enhance these values within your workplace. These values are critical to your team performing efficiently, and you must be very clear about which values are pertinent to Scrum.
Which of the following Scrum values would you focus on to achieve your aim?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Question 6
A colleague has requested information on Scrum so they can perform more effectively. As this colleague is new to the process, you decide to provide some basic information on Scrum events. This will ensure that they can investigate these events on their own, and report back to you with their analysis.
Which of the following are the Scrum events that you should highlight to them?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Customer interviews
Daily stand-up
Question 7
The same colleague, Anthony, wants to understand the Scrum Master's responsibilities during a daily stand-up. More importantly, the questions he should ask (he really wants to act as a Scrum Master!)
Which questions would you recommend?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
What did you do yesterday?
What you are going to do today?
How many bugs exist in the code base?
Do you have any blockers or impediments?
Question 8
Anthony is now arranging Sprints and really moving forward with his grasp of the agile methodology. Upon observing one of his Sprint meetings, you have observed that only he is providing verbal input. You have some reservations regarding this.
Who can talk during the Sprint stand-up?
Any Scrum Team member
Only the Scrum Master
Company leaders
Anyone attending
Question 9
While you have utilized all the Scrum artifacts, you still have some doubt about your project deadlines its completion. Having learned about the Scrum artifacts, you remember an additional item which supplements the artifacts - burndown charts.
Which of the following best describes what a burndown chart tells you?
How much work has been done in the current Sprint
How much estimated work is left in the current Sprint
How many days are left in the current Sprint
Question 10
Which of the following are Scrum artifacts?
Careful, there are several correct answers.
Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
Sprint planning
Product Increments
You need to answer 10 more questions.

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