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Hi Coda Makers
👋 Tomislav, maker of Coda Translator here.
I originally came up with the idea of Coda Translator when building a multilingual site and app for 🐈 , a Coda app for volunteers helping stray cats. After few weeks of building, using and improving, I am really happy to share my progress with you.
What started as a couple of columns in a table, has now grown to a translation solution for any type of Coda doc!
The template can be easily integrated into any coda doc. From there, it is straightforward and easy to localise your doc without knowing a single word of any foreign language.
When you copy the doc, turn it into a template for your Workspace. Now import it to your doc and start translating. No code is required.
How does it work? Once Coda Translator is integrated on your doc, you can reference all your content in its translation table. With a click of a button it will deliver the translation in any language. It provides a first layer of automatic translation to help you save time. You then get complete control over your translations, editing them yourself.
And, that’s Coda Translator in a nutshell!
If you have any questions, send me an email:

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