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Executive Summary

Problem Statement

In the wake of mass unemployment caused by coronavirus, there is an extreme amount of interest in stock options trading as a secondary profession and demand for educational content that relates to learning how to do it effectively – particularly among Millennials and Gen Z. However, there is growing confusion among the majority about where to start, which sources to trust, and what lane to pursue to achieve the desired outcome (day trading vs. swing trading)
Furthermore, even with a person answering the above questions, there are complaints even among entry-level traders about the written structure and distribution of the content – as most sources are written as long, technically-worded documents and are sent via email. It simply takes too much time and effort for the average to fairly interested person to learn the basics of stock trading.
In a way, stock market education is still archaic, non-detailed, and hard to digest – and therefore not directly useful to the average person. People want a simple, understandable, and relatively quick way to get in the game.

Our Solution

We will create an instagram page for stock options trading education that distributes a daily newsletter – tailored specifically for the Millennial/Gen Z inexperienced trader that wants to get started immediately.
In addition to the newsletter, the page will house simple, well-designed, easily digestible stock options trading educational content that will be formatted for even the most novice trader to understand.
The educational training content will live on the page permanently, while the newsletter will be replaced daily.

Value Proposition

It will be much simpler to access by having it primarily distributed via social media. Rather than expecting them to search and find the newsletter on email platforms that they do not frequent, we will bring the newsletter to them on a platform that they live on.
It will be easier to understand and digest by breaking down the topics into snack-able IG story content. Each slide in the daily newsletter will be written in layman’s terms and created to be read and understood in 30 seconds or less.
It will be directly useful and actionable by including exact option contracts to buy, along with exact scenarios and conditions to trade them in. Additionally – in an effort to minimize risk for readers – it will include scenarios and conditions in which not to trade.

Final Thoughts & Next Steps

A social media-based stock options trading newsletter not only allows us to break into an otherwise untapped market–it also creates an opportunity for us to gain the first movers advantage in the space. Considering that there is no household name brand for stock options trading education among Millennials and Gen Z, infiltrating on social media effectively may create a cult following around our product offering and our brand at-large.
For more information, read our product plan, go-to-market strategy, and revenue model.

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