Core Overview

Vertical #1 – Newsletter

(Launch Jan 2022)

What is it?
A private online publication that distributes specific stock options trading opportunities on a daily basis to its subscribed members. The publication is distributed in two parts:
Pre-Market Plan
A basic breakdown/overview of overall stock market conditions
Patterns that are forming
Our suggestion on type of options to buy/not buy (i.e. calls or puts)
Specific stock option trades to consider
Ticker name (i.e. FB)
Expected price movement (i.e. $222 - $225)
Trade conditions (i.e. at what prices to consider entering a trade and how)
Option contracts to buy (i.e. if price hits $222 + [enter condition], buy [enter exact option contract])

Post-Market Report
A basic breakdown/overview of how the market moved that day
Patterns that were confirmed for moves
Patterns that are now being formed
Trade outcomes from Pre-Market Plan
How price moved on suggested tickers compared to what was predicted (i.e. If it went from $222 - $225)
What patterns formed & how the stock reacted
Potential trade opportunities that formed based on Pre-Market Plan (i.e. if the stock reacted to outlined price points and predicted patterns)
Profit outcome based on suggested option contracts (how much money each suggested option contract made that day)

Why is it unique?
It’s specifically written for people who know nothing about trading - most day trading newsletters are written for entry-level to advanced professional traders, and therefore use more technical/expansive lingo in their content. Our newsletter will use laymans terms as much as possible in order for the everyday person to understand what’s being talked about.
It gives specific trade instructions - most trading newsletter only give stock tickers to watch and at max give key levels to watch for breakouts/breakdowns. Our newsletter gives that + instructions on how to trade the option on that day – which includes the specific option contract to buy, the specific conditions in which to trade it, and the conditions in which not to trade it.
Quick and digestible - most trading newsletters are formulated like long-form articles. Even the ones that are formulated to be snackable still take 5-10 minutes to digest and leave the reader with unanswered questions. Our newsletter will be written to be easy to understand, digested within 2-5 minutes, and leave the reader with clear information on what to do next.
It focuses solely on day trading stock options - most trading newsletters are focused on standard stock trading, penny stock trading, or swing trading options. Our newsletter will be one of the few that solely focus on day trading stock options.
Distributed via social media - most trading newsletters are distributed via email. Our newsletter will be distributed via social media – namely instagram DM, profile story, and profile highlight.

Who is it for?
Beginners who want to get into trading but don’t know where to start
Individuals who don’t know/don’t want to know the advanced information about options trading but want to make money trading stock options.
Part-time Robinhood traders who want to take their trading up a notch
Individuals who have some day trading experience but want a better consistent strategy

Who is it not for?
Individuals who only are interested in swing trading options or long term investing.
Individuals who want to learn fundamentals.
Individuals who expect extensive rationale to come with suggested trade opportunities.
Individuals who want to trade other financial instruments other than stock options (penny stocks, crypto, forex etc)

Basic business model
Members pay $5/day to receive newsletter with trade opportunities.
With membership comes free information/training course content on stock options day trading (provided via profile highlight stories). This information will be available in perpetuity and continuously updated.
Daily price raises in scaled intervals based on number of members ($1 per 100 members)

Vertical #2 – Podcast

(Launch Jun 2022)

What is it?
A daily online show that live streams our moves and action during the trading day. It is the next evolution of the newsletter. We take the suggested moves that we send out on the newsletter and play them out for members to see in real-time.
The core mission is:
To provide exact visual details & showcase of trade opportunities presented in the newsletter
To provide entertainment value throughout the trading day

It is meant to be created in the same format as a live sports game from the commentator perspective. In that analogy, the stock market charts are the live sport game that we – the scalp daily staff – are doing live commentating on.
It is a commonly known problem that traders make bad trades during slow market hours due to boredom and anxiety – therefore outside of the live stock market commentary during high volume hours, there will be other entertainment-focused or market education segments during slower market hours to make the time pass by easier.
In addition to the day trading activity, some segments will expand our trading education and focus on swing trading opportunities and long term investments – therefore expanding the audience and opportunities for members.
Why is it unique?
The entertainment value - most day trading podcasts/live streams are focused solely on trading and are extremely serious in nature. They tend to be highly transactional and give the viewer no reason to stay watching/listening beyond receiving the self-interested information. Most viewers/listeners log on during premarket and log off after their trade is done. Our podcast will not only guide viewers/listeners through the exact trades we take from the newsletter, but also will provide market news, education, and entertainment on a daily basis to keep them listening.
The length of the live stream - most day trading podcasts/live streams end once the host is done trading, irregardless of if their viewers/listeners are done. Our podcast will cover the last hour of premarket and the full 8-hour trading day – meaning a user can stay for more content, or log in later in the trading day to potentially catch late-day trades or entertainment.

Who is it for?
Readers of the newsletter who want/need more hand-holding through the trade execution process.
Inexperienced traders who are visual learners.
Day traders who would like some market-related entertainment throughout their trading day.
Traders who also want suggestions on stock options swing trading and long term investing

Who is it not for?
Independent traders who are not following our trading strategies

Basic business model
Members pay additional $10/day to have access to the podcast.
Real-time tipping mechanism so members can tip the host for calling out money-making trades
Potential advertising/brand partnership revenue

Vertical #3 – E-Course

(Launch Jan 2023)

What is it?
An online e-course that is specifically tailored toward teaching people how to professionally day trade stock options as a full-time career. It is an evolution of the podcast since cult followers of the channel and viewers of specific segments will naturally gain interest in taking their trading more seriously. Considering that they will likely be making money through reading the newsletter and watching the podcast, we will give them an avenue to dive into it full-time via offering a full training course.
The core mission is:
To provide a world-class stock options day trading course to individuals
To provide a feeder program of newly-minted stock options day traders into the Scalp Daily trader community

Why is it unique?
A focus on stock options day trading - most stock options trading e-courses focus around swing trading stock options and lightly touch on day trading. Our e-course will do the opposite and focus on day trading stock options and lightly touch on swing trading.
The pre-primed community of hot leads - By the time the course launches, we ideally will have generated a lot of demand for the course and have a waitlist of highly interested, well-qualified prospects – which increases the probability of graduating successful traders at a higher rate.
Cohort structure - The e-course will function like high-end online education programs (i.e. HBS Online etc) and enroll people in cohorts (capped admission, time-based programs). Each cohort, initially, will cap at 25 people. The program in its entirety will be structured to last 10 weeks with a 2-week break between cohorts – meaning there will be four (4) cohort classes a year.

Who’s it for?
People who want to transition their careers into being full-time stock options day traders
Cult followers of the podcast/newsletter who have exposure to our trading methods and are used to our surface system
People who are dedicated to the lifestyle of trading

Who is it not for?
People who are totally new to trading and have no exposure to the newsletter or podcast
People who only want to trade part-time or simply want to learn a new skill

Basic business model
Members pay $3,000 to secure spot in the cohort (assuming they are accepted).
Potential advertising/brand partnership/student sponsorship revenue

4. Hedge Fund

(Launch Jan 2024)

What is it?
This will be the pinnacle of the business. We will recruit graduates from the e-course program to work for/add to a self-funded hedge fund, in which we will leverage opportunities on the stock market to build collective wealth and use the wealth for investing into other real-world businesses.
Details coming soon, as I still need to do more research on hedge fund structures...
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