Call Casino

How It Works
You pay the door fee
I will explain what stocks im looking at trading that day
I will alert the group when im within 5 minutes of buying an option contract
I will alert the group when I buy the option contract
I will alert the group when I sell the option contract
At the end of the day, I will post results of the taken trades on the IG page
You have the full responsibility of executing your own trades.
Make sure you enable access to stock options and learn how to use the options chain on whatever platform you use (Robinhood, ETrade, Fidelity etc).
There is a tutorial on how to use an options chain and how to buy options on the IG page highlights.
No, there is no scenario where you can give us money and we trade for you.
You need to trust my judgement.
I will not give any reasoning or answer any questions on why I chose my trades within the group – just alerts a few minutes before I execute, when I execute the buy order, and when I execute the sell order.
All pre-market context and real-time strategic conversation takes place on my daily live-stream, which is only available in the premium package.
The stocks outlined in the Premarket Plan will be the only ones I mention for trades in the group.
I will not post trades on stocks outside of the outlined ones in the premarket plan that day.
If you have a stock you would like analyzed as a candidate for trading, the premium package gives members the ability to request such service. The stock names that the majority agree on will be analyzed by us
Please do not post your own trade suggestions in the group. This will get you banned permanently.
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