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Event Intake & The Great Queue

Who doesn’t love a great event? Swag, colleagues, education, enrichment and so much more! But the world of events has yet to be able to conquer the dreaded Event Intake/Check-In process in a way that kicks off the event in the right way.
Badges, Lists, Cross-checking, it all just piles up on those 8-foot folding tables, with paper signs telling your attendees where to stand based off the first letter of their last name. Well, have we got the answer for you! Look no further! As you have just landed on the only doc you’ll need to help you get your attendees checked-in and ready for the time of their lives!
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That’s great, but I’m new here....

Regardless of your skill level with Coda, this doc is designed to help you set up your Event Intake process with the greatest of ease. Each of the following pages will share “How to...” methodology and tasks to make sure your data is organized and ready for your physical event. We have also included other examples and docs from the
Coda Gallery
to help with the actual planning of your event. The goal is to make this intake process so fluid that it will leave your guests saying “Wow! That was an easy check-in process.”


Using this Doc

Throughout this doc you will see directions with a 💡 in front of it!
These are directions and data specifically for you, the coordinator/maker. If other members of the team are going to be using this doc or you want to make sure these directions don’t confuse team members, please feel free to delete them, or collapse them by clicking the
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next to the text and choosing “Collapse Content.
Remember, this is your doc, for your event. The following is just a launch pad for your creativity! Edit, add, and make it your own beyond what has been set up!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so go ahead and...

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Happy Building! Your event is going to be a hit, we just know it!
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