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My Corona Journal

8 April
The allopathic (normal medical) view is shifting from Pneumonia to Hypoxia ("a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level")
Ventilators are not working. Ventilators are apparently making patients worse by pressuring/overworking their lungs unnecessarily, and/or transmitting other infections which lead to pneumonia).
Active treatment solutions seem to be narrowing on quinine (which comes from the bark of the cinchona tree, available in Schweppes tonic water giving it the bitter taste, and also available from the drug chloraquine) plus Vitamin C and Zinc.
Preventatives are basically anything that boosts the immune function plus very specifically Vitamins C, A and D, plus Zinc.
These solutions do not suit the medical establishment because a vaccine is not needed.
With these solutions at hand, 90% of us should get back to our normal lives. Social distancing for everyone is only prolonging the chance of 'herd immunity', it is not saving lives.

6 April
Key questions as I see it today...
If China experiences a new wave, then what do we make of that? A persistent long-term bioweapon? Hence the panic of nation states.
Alex Jones vs Q — expose airing on Wednesday...
Tunnels revealing evidence of mass child trafficking — awaiting announcements for confirmation
Exosomes — how likely is it that the PCR test detect RNA that manifests as a result of toxicity expulsion?

28 March

Item 1: CBS News
Explain this to me.
First a clip reporting a desperate need for Ventilators in New York, supposedly showing an ICU with people being treated with chronic respiratory problems due to Covid-19.
new york 91406364_10163879562105112_3519029033901752320_o.jpg
Here’s CBS This Mornings complete clip (25 March) for full context:
This link can't be embedded.
I thought I had seen that same image as being used a few days earlier (21 March) to report the situation in Italy…
And I found that clip too:
This link can't be embedded.
And here is someone else’s detailed breakdown showing what happened.
This link can't be embedded.
And lookie here they did it with Italy and China too.
Item 2: Corona Coffins
28 March: Italy news reporting mass deaths showing this image (on the left), yet it appears to be an image from 2013 (right)...
Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 11.42.48.png
Item 3: Facts Don't Lie, Stats Do
Item 4:

26 March 2020
12 days on since the last entry and here's what I've got...
Uncertainty, doubt, optimism.
With the caveat of 'trust no one, question authority' I am seeking a balanced and sensible approach to the situation, rather than emotionally investing heavily in any one perspective.
What do I mean by that exactly?
Is it really as bad as the news wants us to believe? Some news is now reporting quite the opposite — that tests are massively inaccurate:

Edit: 27 March
Why do most people follow along with what mainstream news outlets say, anyway? let alone with powerful private-public organizations like the CDC, WHO, and UN say...?
Look how wrong they can be:
This link can't be embedded.
What is the political agenda that will use this opportunity of mass hysteria to tighten the icy grip of control and conformity on society?

These are very, very scary people.
Who do you listen to?
That right there is a BIG question. Who do you listen to? Who do you trust enough with our individual and shared safety and security, both in the short-term and with the big picture of the future?
I can tell you from my perspective it's certainly NOT those big profit and power driven global institutions or control-freak politicians.
So then who?
Medical Doctors? Natural Therapists and Nutritionists? Conspiracy Theorists?
Taking self-responsibility for our beliefs and actions is fundamental to life. And I believe the corona pandemic offers the world a wake up call.
IF people bend over to the will of today's political agenda, and take mandatory experimental vaccinations, then I'm afraid only bad things are in store.
IF society tolerates the evidence of harm caused by 5G wavelengths and the possibility it stops our lungs from absorbing oxygen properly, then we ultimately deserve exactly what we get.

Here's the bottom line as I see it today:
Strengthen your immunity (you should do that regardless of a current pandemic). Good health is good for your life.
Be an honest skeptic about evidences, treatments, causes, agendas, etc.
Know with absolute certainty that politicians and other profiteers will 'never let a good crisis go to waste' as they seek extra powers of control. If you have ANY doubt of that... you must live a very superficial life and I'm surprised you're reading this.
So then the question becomes...
What to do about it?
What can we do (while strengthening natural immunity and being an honest skeptic about 'information' from all sides) to help protect us all from the threats of increasing political power in the hands of elitists?
Preaching to the Choir is meaningless. Preaching to the naive is pointless. Preying for Politicians to do the right thing is asinine. How about simplifying a quality message that looks beyond the political divide where possible, promoting a collaborative protocol of self-care, empathy, insight, awareness, and the sanctity of human life?
How about... a 'Manifesto' that seeks to inspire, educate, and focus on right action?
et Voila...

14 March 2020
Since the last Journal entry, my view has changed quite a bit.
With new info it appears this is most likely not a bioweapon in the typical sense, but simply a new strain of the many types of naturally forming virus that we've been subject to in past years. Ebola perhaps being the worse. SARS. Foot and Mouth. Etc.
Not an Armageddon event by a long shot — but certainly not something to be complacent about.
The current view is that we'll all get infected with the Corona virus at some point. Sooner rather than later (this year rather than next year) is probably better, so our immunity can (potentially, hopefully) develop before stronger strains of the virus emerge in next years flu season.
But then again...
And 5g has been implicated too as a key factor in restricted respiratory function by the microwaves separating oxygen molecules so lungs can’t absorb oxygen. Ref
Bottom line: your health is in your hands.
Build up your immune system as a matter of urgent priority. Specific recommendations include:
High-Dose Vitamin C. Chaga Mushroom Extract. Essential Oil Mix House Spray.
Plus all the usual things that keep us healthy: Exercise. Sunshine. Sufficient sleep. Drink lots of water. Nutritious clean natural diet. Wash your hands.

As a sinister saying goes, 'never let a good crises go to waste'. It would appear that both sides of politics (the good guys and the bad guys) are taking advantage of the panic. There are rumours that Italian Mafia hideouts throughout Northern Italy are being raided to capture fugitives. Iranian regime members may be getting removed from power too, one way or another. There may also be something big brewing in the US too, according to Q.
We'll know more in April.
Definitely don't panic buy a years worth of toilet paper.
Invest in your immune system instead.
Other References (albeit conflicting ideas)
CORONAVIRUS 🦠😷 THE REAL TRUTH - 70-80% Of Us Will Contract This Disease & This Is GOOD👍🙏🏼♥️🌍
- LondonRealTV
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- Clif High
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- Jsnip4
[Tweet] QAnon / Corona in Italy (covert op?)
Feb 27 2020
It’s now 4 weeks since Corona went public. China clamp down. Disinfecting entire cities. People round up and quarantined. Infections. People dropping in the streets unable to breath. Deaths.
Word of infections around the world begin to emerge. Italy. Japan. Iran.
Late Feb news announces the first cases of re-infection in Japan.
A bioweapons lab engineered virus that:
Kills 2% on first infection
Remains active on surfaces for at least 9 days
Scars the inside of lung tissue in survivors
Has a rapid re-infection potential
And is spreading around the world

This does not bode well.
And it highlights the insanity of We The People — and social governance as a whole.
First we hear that Xi Jinping covered up the issue in Wuhan rather than imposing quarantines ASAP for weeks… which meant the virus got out.
And what advice from national health services around the world? The British NHS reports ‘not serious’.
Business as usual. We have an economy to maintain after all. To service government debts. Debts of our own. Pay those taxes. Afford the increasing costs of living.
As Covid-19 circles the globe.
I love life. I love our great human potential. I loathe our complacency to accept sociopathic ruling elites. Technology will set us free. But not without a certain degree of purification by pain it seems.
Buckle up.
Corona Insanity
IF an immense tidal wave was overshadowing your city, would you not take instant and drastic action? That is, to get the heck out of harms way?
But what if that tidal wave was invisible? Like an airborne virus…
What would you do?
Would you ignore it?
Would you hope that Lady Luck is on your side and that you won’t become one of the x% projected to be infected?
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