35to65 Health Protocol

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Daily Diet & Rest Routine

Doing Well:

Mostly organic food.
Lots of water daily.
Almost enough sleep most of the time.

Needs Improvement

It seems 10.30pm sleep time and 6.30am wake time works best for my body, however I rarely get to sleep at 10.30.
Need to increase the amount of fresh veg in my diet, rather than relying on supplements, limited range of veg (I have lots of Kale for example).
Also not sure the correct balance of meat / fish / eggs.
Perhaps it’s an individual thing.
Would like to get live blood analysis and body typing tests to help determine optimum nutrition for my physiology.

Intermittent Fasting

A 72 hour fast ‘reboots your entire immune system’. Diagram shows hour based impact of water and herbal-teas fasting. I’ve done a 2-day water fast some years ago. A friend doing a 3-day fast has inspired me to do one soon.

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