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Personal Website Template for College Students

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Getting Started

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This allows you to create your own personal copy of this interactive doc/template! Feel free to customize it based on your own personal needs. Only proceed after you go onto the copied version of this doc


This Coda doc is designed for college students interested in making a personal website or online resume/portfolio that can be easily customized, updated, and distributed with just a few clicks. This personal website can elevate your online presence and serve as a great supplement in making you stand out to the recruiters in the crowd of applicants, allowing you to showcase your prior experiences and projects - with some personal touch :)
This doc features two main pages, which include:
Template for creating your own personalized Coda website.
Tips & resources for creating an effective resume that lands interviews.

How To Use This Doc:

If you haven’t done so already,
Copy this doc
This allows you to save your edits and have the ability to publish your Coda website! Otherwise, you won’t be able to.
Navigate to and edit the template to match your personal information for each section.
Note: Feel free to be as creative as you can with this step! This is your personal website, so you certainly do not have to follow the same structure/organization/style as the template I created. I’ve included some examples at the bottom of this doc that you can use for inspiration.
When you are done with customizing, it is time to publish it! Follow these instructions.
Delete this page and page. You can always access and make a copy of them again by heading back to the template.
Click on “Share” button on the upper right corner of this doc.
A pop-up window appears. Navigate to the “Publish” tab. Make sure to follow these below steps:
Change your URL link in Published doc URL.
Click on Interaction & Appearance and set Doc Interaction to: “View”.
Press “Next”.
Click “Apply and Publish!”
You can also click on “Open Preview” to get a visualization of what the published website would look like before actually publishing!
YAYYYYYY you’re done! Now your website is live :) Wasn’t that super simple?
Note: Any changes that you make on the doc in Edit mode will be simulanteously updated and reflected on the published version of this site in real-time.
So if you need to make any changes to the site, you must navigate back to the Publish tab and press the orange button titled “Unpublish”.
Once you are done with the edits, feel free to publish it again!
Share the link to your Coda personal website to your network! Put the URL up on your LinkedIn bio or embed it to your resume for recruiters to check them out.

This is a supplementary page that houses information on how to craft an effective resume that land interviews. Feel free to read over it! Best of luck on recruiting, you got this!

Examples of Coda Personal Website for Inspirations

Trustin Yoon: Growth @ Coda
Jeremy Olson: Product @ Coda
SiNing Chan: Solutions Architect @ Coda - Created A Portfolio Template
Design Team @ Coda - Click on any one of the members in Meet the Team.

About Coda:

is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. Coda comes with building blocks ー like pages, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action ー so anyone can make a doc that can evolve to feel like an app.
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