i’m trustin
these days i’m nomading around and most often in sf, ny, and la. i currently work as a growth associate @
and living/running
, a coliving house of 8 tech/art builders, investors, and creators.

i’m also a serial indie maker and have built and scaled products for thousands of users. some of the spaces that really excite me right now are productivity saas, web3, xr, and edtech.

i’m passionate about leveraging tech to scale positivity in our world. i’m always building, investing, and learning. feel free to say hi – always looking to have great conversations!

outside of work—i’m perfecting my basketball game, learning how to produce music, reading, and writing.

most active on
growth associate @
founder @
founder @
founding partner @
venture fellow @

full-stack web dev @ app academy
biz @ usc
biz @ nyu

nooby film

nooby music
just started learning ableton so some ass music is otw 👍
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