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Anna's Portfolio

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Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m a New York based product designer who cares deeply about designing physical and digital products that engage all aspects of the human experience. I have extensive experience in research, experience design, and visual design to create products for a variety of audiences.

A bit of my portfolio

Fashion Craft 2019
Catalog & Posters
Design of catalogue and posters for Fashion Craft, an arts & crafts exhibition displaying the work by 30 artists at Stockholm, Sweden, Jun 8–Sept 1, 2019.
geometric-1732847_640 1.png
Data Systems Exhibition
Web Design
Led the creative team in the production of digital assets for an online conference for data scientists in Northern Europe, Middle East, and South Africa.

The Potential of the Sea
Led team as creative director in all aspects of the production of the magazine. Sourced and partnered closely with publisher and all artists involved.

Professional Experience

Product Designer /
Sep 2017–Current

Pumpkins&Pantones is an experience design studio that delivers thoughtfully designed products. As a product designer, I designed mobile apps, web apps, and service experiences from research to final production. I also produced presentation decks, sketches, wireframes, brand guidelines, and low and high fidelity mockups and prototypes when applicable.
Truth Tech Lab
Product Designer /
May 2016–Sep 2017

Truth Tech Lab is a software design firm based in San Francisco. As a product designer, I worked closely with developers, managers, and fellow designers to strategize and craft digital solutions that would best serve clients and their customers. I designed mobile apps, web apps, and service experiences from research to final production, and produced presentation decks, data models, sitemaps, sketches, wireframes, GUI kits, brand guidelines, and low and high fidelity mockups/prototypes when applicable.
UXi Pro
Designer /
Jun 2014–Apr 2016
As a UXi intern, I designed a mentorship program to help future students joining the UX Bootcamps. I provided feedback on student work and met with students weekly to provide support and further feedback.

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